Mind Walker



A mentally disturbed professor must enter his own brain to repair it, changing into different forms to overcome the obstacles and puzzles. The aim of the first level was to connect a path from a certain location to a specific crystal in the brain by using the correct avatars with the correct landscape type, all the while defending against hostile enemies (that decreased in frequency as the player approached the destination). In the second level, the player had to guide the avatar around a maze full of pulsing neurons to locate a pyramidal “shard of sanity” using audio cues. Touching a neuron while it pulsed meant instant death, so good timing was required to collect the pyramid and return to the neuron-surrounded exit. The last stage required the player to complete a Rorschach-inspired colour-cycling puzzle in order to replace the shard. The levels looped several times before the restoration of the physicist’s sanity.


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In January 1996, Escom (then owners of Commodore and Amiga) released a "websurfing" Amiga 1200 bundle. Part of the bundled software was a version of the Voyager web browser, rebadged as Mindwalker. This redbadging was obviously intended to renew Escom's claims to the Mind Walker trademark.

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