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Initially a Half-Life 2 fan-made mod, this sandbox editor gives you the tools to play with items and physics within the Source engine. It became retail on Valve's Steam game download delivery system with version 9.1.

You can pose rag dolls (position people and change their faces) then create a comic book by taking pictures of the results. Take props and weld them together to make walls, axis a wheel to it to create a working car, and rope some cans to the back. In fact, make any contraptions you can think of like Rube Goldberg machines (complex devices that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways), catapults, cannons, bridges etc.

By using the Lua scripting language, users can also create their own weapons and game modes which can completely change the genre of the game. Some examples are Roleplay, Stranded, SpaceBuild, Melonracer, and Zombie Survival. Game servers for Garry's Mod will automatically send their custom content to the client when joined.

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Average score: 94% (based on 2 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 22 ratings with 2 reviews)

It's not game, it is 42

The Good
This game have absolutely no limits. If you want build car, space ship or something else, it can be done. You can role play too. And there is thousands of different mods to choose from the tools to the working star gates e.t.c. If building is not going to work you have excellent tools to make comics also, just pose rag doll any pose you want, make it face look funny, spawn some props ant place them, take a picture with camera "weapon", edit picture and voéla, you have made comic. If you have video capture program you can make movies. Or you can just mess around.

The Bad
Well the base of the game is bit simple and have just stuff from the source engine games of VALVe you have installed. If you want more stuff you have go to the and download mods and stuff from there. And if you want every or just most of them these downloads take time from playing. And the installing of them is pretty time taking too. You got read read me files to make sure you install stuff correctly without grantee them work.

The Bottom Line
Worth to buy mod, if you are builder, comic artist, movie director or someone who is looking something different.

Windows · by VVP (141) · 2009

Not a game and not good either

The Good
If you play this with a friend you are guaranteed to have a good time. There is a million things you can do together and especially irritating you friends while they are trying to build never gets old. If you are not the type then you could always help each other with projects as well.

It plays the same as Half-life 2 which is a good thing. The interface is well-designed and very fast which is always nice. Shooting is also works the same and you have all the weapons. I had a lot of fun building bases with my cousin and throwing exploding barrels at each other while our turrets fired away at our infantry.

The Bad
It is almost impossible to get your hands on proper DLC. Even if you find what you are looking for getting it to work requires a lot of annoying work; Sometimes a rag-doll has to be put in the garrysmod folder, sometimes in the addons folder sometimes in the models folder, it is just never the same folder and the same procedure. Plus you don't find out if something doesn't work unless you boot up the game between every download to check.

Posing rag-dolls, whether it is for comics or just for fun, can easily take up to an hour per rag-doll. The idea is that you grab them with the gravity gun and then freeze each individual part of their body. But sometimes a rag-doll will fly up in the air when you are trying to to raise their arm or the doll starts having a seizure.

There are so many basic things you just can't spawn, to point out the most obvious: Basic shapes. You can't spawn any squares to form a wall or something or even something that could properly replace it. Water is also absent and so any other fluid. It is just astounding to see so many pointless items, but the basic things are nowhere to be found.

For some reason the game doesn't take any items and rag-dolls from Left 4 Dead which is amazingly stupid. I had to download the models and of course they didn't work, but the maps were nowhere to be found, so it was already pointless. Also why couldn't I spawn working characters from Team Fortress 2, that game has a decent AI, but all I can do is spawn rag-dolls.

Creating a game for just you and a friend is annoying and takes up way too much time and often just doesn't work. The game really, really wants you to buy or rent a server I think because they make you go through so much work to get something to work.

The Bottom Line
Garry's Mod is fun and has a nice interface, but it is filled with problems as well. A lot of basic functions just refuse to work and there is a lot missing. This game is maybe fun for an hour of dumb entertainment, but it lacks any form of depth to keep you interested for longer. The game actually has an achievement that requires the player to play the game for a certain period of time without any breaks. That is just terrible, take some responsibility.

Windows · by Asinine (957) · 2011


1001 Video Games

Garry's Mod appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


On the 2-year anniversary of its release on Steam (November 29, 2008) it was made known that Garry's Mod had sold over 300,000 copies at $9.99 per purchase giving it revenue of over $3,120,000 of which half goes to Valve Corporation. In the night between 10. and 11. September 2014, the game sold its 6,000,000th copy.


  • GameSpy
    • 2005 - Mod of the Year ("It's simple, it's incredibly versatile, and it's given gamers way more hours of pleasure than all the other Counter-Strike knockoffs combined.")
  • ModDB
    • 2005 - Mod of the Year
  • Steam Awards
    • 2016 — The 'Game Within A Game' Award — Nominated
    • 2017 — The 'Defies Description' Award — Won

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