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Spyro the Dragon

aka: Spyro 1

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Ação Games (9.7 out of 10)

Ótimos cenários e jogabilidade excelente. Dificuldade no ponto e desafio viciante.

Nov 1998 · PlayStation · read review

Absolute Playstation (95 out of 100)

When a game has it all, you might just as well know it right from the get go. The gameplay in Spyro is flawless and addicting. If you make a mistake, it's because YOU made the mistake, not some crappy camera angle or lame character control. Playing this game is almost effortless because it is just so damn engrossing.

Sep 1998 · PlayStation · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (18 out of 20)

Un must absolu. Spyro est un vrai moment de détente et de plaisir. Bon, si vous êtes plutôt du genre Duke Nukem, passez votre chemin, mais pour ceux qui sont des fans de Crash Bandicoot, vous retrouverez la patte d'Universal. Un jeu magnifique à tous points de vue.

Dec 30th, 1998 · PlayStation · read review

HonestGamers (Staff reviews only) (9 out of 10)

I feel comfortable saying that Spyro the Dragon will remain a favorite game of mine for a long time to come. While it may not offer the improvements that its sequels did, its overall quality remains undisputed. Diverse worlds, unique level designs, tricky platforming segments and strategic combat all combine to keep this older game current. And let’s face it: this is one of a few series in which you can actually play as a proper dragon. Isn’t that awesome enough to merit a look?

Feb 3rd, 2013 · PlayStation · read review

IGN (9 out of 10)

Sony unleashes yet another platform hero on its system – we've got Bandicoots and Devils, and now Spyro the Dragon enters the fray. Spyro may look like a cute little thing, but this purple, four-footed, winged creature packs a mean punch.

Sep 9th, 1998 · PlayStation · read review

Meristation (9 out of 10)

¡Ya esta aquí! Es pequeño, violeta, puede volar y hacer enemigos a la brasa. Un personaje muy especial: un cachorro de dragón con ganas de darle caña al malo de turno, Gnasty Gnorc.

Dec 18th, 1998 · PlayStation · read review

Mega Fun (85 out of 100)

Aus technischer Sicht gibt es kaum zu mäkeln, auch das Gameplay überzeugt. Leider wurde Spyro jedoch sichtlich für junge PlayStation-Fans zugeschnitten, und das könnte wiederum viele ältere abschrecken, obwohl dies der kleine Drache gar nicht verdient hat. Mich beschlich aber während des Tests das Gefühl, daß das Spiel nicht ganz das angestrebte Leveldesign wie angekündigt bietet, sprich Extras und Abschnitte. Ob dies nun auf einen zweiten Teil, auf Zeitdruck oder auf Tester-Inkompetenz schließen läßt, bleibt im Dunkeln. Es schlägt sich aber nicht negativ auf die Spielspaßwertung nieder, sondern zeigt nur, daß dieses Spiel noch mehr Potential gehabt hätte. Deshalb bleibt Super Mario bis auf Weiteres der König der 3D-Jump&Runs. Trotzdem hat Spyro das Zeug zum Star

Oct 1998 · PlayStation

Game Revolution (B+)

PlayStation gamers will also be happy to note that this game is gigantic. Each world has four huge levels as well as a couple bonus levels and, of course, a boss stage. Since there is so much to explore, the ending you get is dependent on how many items you collected. Sound familiar? Well, if you've played either of the Crash Bandicoot titles, this game will ring a number of bells for you. It is, after all, a product the very same team that brought you that lovable marsupial.

Sep 1st, 1998 · PlayStation · read review

GameSpot (8.3 out of 10)

Yes, it's taken some time, but there's finally a proficient, fully 3D platform game for the PlayStation. It's impossible to escape not mentioning the last attempt at this, SISA's Blasto, so let's get that out of the way right here in the beginning: Insomniac's Spyro the Dragon excels over Blasto in every way imaginable. It has better graphics, a far more useable camera setup, tighter control, it isn't incredibly difficult, and is much, much more fun.

Sep 9th, 1998 · PlayStation · read review

Power Unlimited (8.3 out of 10)

Net als Banjo Kazooie ziet Spyro the Dragon er kinderlijk uit, maar deze titel richt zich dan ook echt op de kleintjes. Voor die groep is Spyro een prachtig avontuur. Vooral door de mooie graphics en strakke gameplay onderscheidt Spyro zich in een overspoeld genre.

Sep 1998 · PlayStation

Video Games (82 out of 100)

Der extreme Niedlichkeits-Touch ist natürlich allgegenwärtig, und das Spiel scheint auch eher für Kleinkinder geschaffen, was jedoch nicht heißt, daß Erwachsene damit keinen Spaß haben werden. Allerdings ist es schon verblüffend, wenn über drei Stunden vergehen müssen, bis man mal sein erstes „Game Over“ erlebt. Ich habe trotzdem nie aufgehört zu spielen, solange, bis ich Gnasty besiegt hatte. Spyro ist für mich beinahe das beste 3D-Jump‘n-Run auf Sonys 32-Bit-er. Der zu geringe Schwierigkeitsgrad und die fehlende spielerische Abwechlsung lassen Gex jedoch auf seinem Thron verweilen.

Oct 1998 · PlayStation

Gamezilla (81 out of 100)

While I found the gameplay to be a little on the repetitive side and was not very motivated to keep going to try to find all of the gems, there is no doubt that the graphics are awesome. I recommend this game just so you can pop it in whenever your obnoxious Nintendo-owning friend comes over and starts talking his 64-bit trash. This game will shut him up quicker than you could ever imagine. I wish they spent a little more time making the sub-levels look and feel a bit different from each other, but I guess you can't have everything.

1998 · PlayStation · read review

All Game Guide ( )

While it won't satisfy those who expect a healthy dose of thumb-blistering action or edge-of-your-seat excitement, it is a captivating game that's well worth your time. Plus, how can you resist such a cute dragon?

1998 · PlayStation · read review

VicioJuegos.com / uVeJuegos.com (80 out of 100)

La gente que se siente dominada con plataformas 2D en entornos 3D debería echarle un ojo. Jugabilidad, buenos gráficos y, sobretodo, libertad para decidir uno mismo.

Aug 18th, 2003 · PlayStation · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) ( )

This is for kids. That was my initial reaction when I saw this game. But I have to say I enjoyed playing it. Spyro The Dragon is a fun game to play. It is easily the best 3D platform game on the PlayStation. It looks great, it sounds good, it has many funny and memorable and imaginative characters. It's very playable and can even be quite difficult The flying courses in particular are pretty challenging. The only downfall is the originality. There's nothing here that we haven't seen before. How long it can sustain a serious gamer's interest is another question - but here's hoping it does.

Nov 1998 · PlayStation · read review

Hey Poor Player ( )

All in all the game still really stands up even after all these years despite looking a little graphically simple and it’s old enough to get that nostalgia juice going for anyone want to give an older game a chance. Not to mention this game was prior to devs really pumping out “easy mode” games where you get an infinite number of tries. This game has a save system for a reason. There ARE game overs. Retro gamers looking for a challenge will definitely find some satisfaction here as well.

Jul 2nd, 2014 · PlayStation · read review

Push Square (8 out of 10)

Spyro the Dragon may be divisively easy and not up to par with the Ratchet & Clank games in the writing department, but if you're into the classic, collectathon 3D platformers of the '90s, then this represents the foundation upon which many were built. Its broadly appealing yet simple gameplay, gorgeous stages, quality art direction, and innovative soundtrack combine to create a game that's truly, as they say these days, fire.

Nov 10th, 2018 · PlayStation · read review

The Video Game Critic (B)

Spyro's ability to glide is great fun, as is using his fire breath as a weapon. The scenery in Spyro the Dragon has a cool medieval thing happening that I find appealing. The difficulty climbs at a gradual pace until you reach the "big tree top" stage, which is insanely hard. Aside from that however Spyro is a charming little adventure that will appeal to all ages.

Jul 15th, 1999 · PlayStation · read review

The Game Hoard (5 out of 7)

While it may be rather easy and its boss fights are underwhelming, the general action and platforming found in Spyro the Dragon have a good mix of ideas on show and a good approach to collectibles that makes them enjoyable and easy to engage with while also housing some of the game’s best challenging moments. The flying levels in particular really test the player’s ability to figure out an optimal route, so while regular enemies are often pushovers and levels can be rather tiny, Spyro the Dragon knows how to fill out the spaces it makes with enough stuff to do that it is not only enjoyable to play normally, but a full completion playthrough really gets the most out of the purple dragon’s ability set and Insomniac Games’s world design.

Jun 4th, 2021 · PlayStation · read review

Player Reviews

It's a gnasty world out there
by Katakis | カタキス (43228)

The Good
While I was growing up in the Nineties, I was still playing PC favorites Commander Keen, Xargon, and Jill of the Jungle. These are all 2-D platform games in which you have to run across the screen, fighting wildlife and using a series of colored keys to open locked doors. However, it was Spyro the Dragon that introduced me to the world of 3-D platform games.

The five dragon families lived in peace and harmony, until Gnasty Gnorc came along. He made a nuisance of himself, that the dragons had to banish him to a faraway world, which Gnasty renamed “Gnasty's World”. He didn't like this one bit, so he decided to use one spell he discovered to turn all the dragons into crystal, and another to transform all the radiant jewels into Gnorc soldiers. Fortunately, Gnasty failed to turn one dragon into crystal – a cute purple dragon named Spyro.

The game has you visiting up to six worlds consisting of six levels each. Most of the worlds, particularly "Artisans", "Magic Crafters", and "Dream Weavers" contain the most beautiful environments that are worth exploring every inch. To get through the game, you must explore to collect as many jewels as you can and freeing dragons to get hints on the level you are in.

Unlike platform games of old, you must learn some advanced moves other than just jumping and flaming, and these moves will more often than not help you in getting what you want. If you see one dragon and lots of gems around on a distant platform, it makes sense to "glide" over to it, and to destroy metal boxes that can't be opened simply by flaming or "charging" at them, perhaps you should "super-charge" at it. I enjoyed performing this last move as it provides more of a challenge, especially when combined with jump. You also have to avoid smashing into walls by accident.

As I said earlier, the environments in each world are rich and beautifully drawn, but these vary for the different portals that you enter. One way to determine what the environment will look like is just stand near the portal and check out the scrolling background. I enjoyed walking around the lush, green meadows in the “Artisans”, with its bright blue skies and water flowing into pools. To demonstrate how beautiful that “Artisans” really is, chirping birds can be heard in the backgrounds, giving you the feel that you are actually there. I also enjoyed gliding in mid-air, turning corners to reach an area that cannot be done by jumping.

Speaking of sounds, I enjoyed the excellent soundtrack that occupies each world and level, and the different pieces of music reflect what situation you are in. Levels that have that 'Pretty' theme to them have that easy music, while levels that have you defeating a boss have music that is of high impact. More than one piece of music can be played in most levels, giving you a variety of tunes to listen to while you are trying to complete the level. The sound effects are superb as well. You can always tell what's around you, whether it is the blue thief mocking you or the trapped dragon shaking. I enjoyed listening to Spyro's voice, especially when he says “Where's Gnasty Gnorc? I'm going after him.” at the very start of the game. It makes him sound like a little brat. I also enjoyed him licking himself like a cat or dog when you decide to stop playing Spyro for a few seconds.

You can rotate the camera to see what is left or right, not just straight ahead. This is useful if you want to know what Gnorcs are coming toward you. There are two camera types. Active camera moves right along with you everywhere, while Passive lets you get a good look at the scenery. There are disadvantages in using these cameras, so you need to work out which camera is best to work with. I enjoyed using the Triangle button to bypass the cameras, giving me a good chance to look around.

When you reach a pedestal with a fairy floating above it, you are given an opportunity to save a game onto your memory card, or replay the dragon's message if you had lost track of what he said. I saved whenever I find a pedestal, just in case I happened to miss one. A different fairy kisses you, causing you to turn red and you can deal with much stronger enemies that you cannot do with your flame or charging at them.

You only have a limited number of lives, but you can revisit levels and stock up on pearls by defeating enemies. Form a circle of these pearls and you earn an extra life. You also get lives by flaming purple coffins, where a set of eyes pop up from inside.

In Crash Bandicoot, your overall percentage is listed in the stats screen, and achieving 100% of the game givs you access to an alternate ending and a few other goodies. The same can be said with Spyro. But does it matter if you reach 100%? No, because all it does is give you a bonus level after you defeat Gnasty.

The Bad
As a person who likes to explore every level, I really wanted to have access to this bonus level but I couldn't master the flight levels which are essential in getting 100%. Basically, in these levels you have to get ten of the same object as well as getting them all at once. This, and even flying, is hard to do, because if you fly too low or smash into a wall, you end up falling in the drink.

The Bottom Line
Spyro is just another platform game for all ages. It was only released for PlayStation, and came out two years after Crash Bandicoot You basically go around releasing dragons from crystal structures and flame or charge Gnorcs. Most levels are easy, but the more difficult ones are near the end of the game, where your thinking cap becomes compulsory. If people have difficulties completing these levels, all they need to do is practice, and make sure that they get their timing right.

Apr 12th, 2013 · PlayStation

A surprisingly addictive platform game in the style of Super Mario 64, but with more levels.
by Rensch (215)

The Good
The graphics engine of this game was actually pretty unique. It makes sure you can see items glittering in the background and there's no buildings suddenly disappearing. Instead, faraway places just fade away, making it feel much more realistic. Overall the graphics are detailed and colorful, and make this game attractive. The levels just ask to be checked out carefully if you want to collect every item and save all dragons. The levels have a lot of secret area's making them extra rewarding if you collect everything. There are six rather unique worlds to explore each with one homeworld which has portals to the other levels in the world. The story tells the tale of Spyro, a little dragon with attitude. If the evil Gnasty Gnorc turns all the other dragons into stone, it's up to little purple Spyro and his pal Sparx the dragonfly (who is your health meter, really) to restore all of the dragon treasure, free all dragons and collect the dragon eggs. This will take you through all dragon realms. They include the Artisans, a world with lush hills, the Peacekeepers, a desert, the Magic Crafters, a mountain world, the Beastmakers, a jungle, the Dreamweavers, a dream world and finally Gnasty's World where Gnasty and his Gnorcs reside. Each world also has a challenging flying level, which will require you to hit everything in time with your fire breath. This collecting and exploring formula is very addictive. You'll be busy a while collect everything. Sound is great, too. The music is made by Steve Copeland, the drummer of the legendary band "The Police". It's very funky and enjoyable. The voice acting is excellent too.

The Bad
There are no much sidequests besides the normal game. This was solved in later games but in this very first Spyro there are none to be found except for the flying levels.

The Bottom Line
Very addictive platformer that seems to be made for kids but if you want to collect everything it will also please older players. If you just find it to be missing a few things, try both PSX sequels, those are brilliant and even more challenging.

Nov 29th, 2005 · PlayStation

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