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Duke Nukem 3D

aka: DN3D, Death Tank Zwei, Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown, Duke3D

[ Android ] [ BlackBerry ] [ DOS ] [ iPad ] [ iPhone ] [ PlayStation ] [ SEGA Saturn ]

PlayStation credits (1997)

40 People (38 developers, 2 thanks)

Damn we're Good! - Original game credits for 3D Realms

Project Leader/Executive Producer
Game Programming
"Build" 3D Engine/Tools/Network
Map Design
3D Modelling
Additional Artwork
Music and Sound Effects
Voice Talent

The team at Aardvark Software

The incredibly clever programming bit
2D Graphics assist
Level design and insanely nasty secrets devised by
Table Queen
Duke Speech Scriptwriter

The Labourers at GT Interactive - Europe

Development Director
Produced by
Lead Tester
Also tested by
Manual written by
Special mentions go to
  • Axel Blagmore
  • Everyone else involved with bringing Duke Nukem to this Console. Thanks.

The Labourers at GT Interactive - From across the pond, GT US

US Product Manager (and keeper of the Duke Torch)
US Producer (Personal friend o' Duke)

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