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Duke Nukem 3D

aka: DN3D, Death Tank Zwei, Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown, Duke3D

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SEGA Saturn credits (1997)

70 People (47 developers, 23 thanks)

Lobotomy Software Inc.

Executive Producers
Project Managers
Game Adaptation and Stage Design
Programming Lead
Programming Team
3D Engine
BREW World Editing Tool
Additional Programming
Lead Artist
Ambient Lighting and Object Editing
Additional Art
Sound Effects
Music Arrangement
Quality Assurance
Additional Stage Design
PeepShow Animation Tool
Art Processing Tools
Urea 51 Bonus Track
  • Desolation Sound by Madcap
Special Thanks

Sega of America, Inc.

Associate Producer
Net Link Producer
Lead Tester
Assistant Lead
Product Manager
Product Specialist
Special Thanks
SOA Test Department

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