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Jumper: Griffin's Story

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[ PlayStation 2 ] [ Wii ]

Wii credits (2008)

148 people (112 professional roles, 36 thanks) with 153 credits.

Developed by Collision Studios

Lead Designer Paul Baker
Lead Level Designer Aaron Casillas
Level Designers Michael Bedernik, Adam Bryant, Angel Sisson
Systems Designer Kevin Stocker
Technical Director Philip Harvey
Lead Programmer David Brady
Programmers Eitan Levy, Jason Wahlberg
Art Director Scott Fabianek
Environment Artists David Budlong, Nestor Carpintero, Johnny Mejia, Ted Morente Jr, Christopher Powers, Matthew Reynolds
Character Artists Ted Morente Jr, Gabe Sventek
Lead Animator Ray Cosico
Animators Ben Brigham, Jason Pickering
HUD / UI Gabe Sventek
QA Lead Brian Keppler
Collision QA Jamar Graham, Kenny Treantafillos
Director of Operations Darrell Benvenuto
Operations Arlene Benvenuto, John D. Garcia, Janet James, Keith Rodriguez, Madeleine Wong
Producer Guy Silliman
CEO Philippe Erwin
Production Consultant Gary Sheinwald
Collision Special Thanks Harsh Borah, John C. O'Neill
"Vicious Engine" Trademark and Copyright 2007 by Vicious Cycle Software Inc. [and its licensors], See www.viciouscycleinc.com for details

Additional Art by Digital Bamboo Entertainment (Beijing)

Lead Artist Haiqing Cui
Artists Huang Di, Mi Jiayi, Yang Ling, Tian Lu, Wang Wei, Jiang Xiaoying, Liu Xu, Yu Zhiqiang
Project Manager Liang Bo

Voice-Over Production by Voiceworks Productions Inc.

Voice Talent Christopher Alex, Philip Anthony, Ness Bautista, Jamie Bell, Catherine Cavadini, Lisa Fuson, Mike Hagiwara, Johnny Hawkes, David Lodge, David Markus, Tohoru Masamune (as Tohoro Masamune), Oliver Muriheadi, Chris Parson, Khary Payton, Amanda Philipson, James Sie, Brian Tochi
Voice-Over Direction Douglas Carrigan
Voice-Over Admin Laurie Wagner Storlie
Recording Studio Atlantis Group
Engineer Jaimie Siedow-Johnson
Dialogue Editing John Chominsky, Micah Johnson


Music Composed by Chris Tilton
Music Orchestrated by Chris Tilton
Music Produced by Michael Giacchino
Music Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Music Conducted by Tim Simonec
Recorded and Mixed by Dan Wallin
Music Editors Stephen M. Davis, Paul Apelgren
Orchestra Contracted by Reggie Wilson
Copying Gregg Nestor
Recorded and Mixed at Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage
Recording Crew Greg Dennen, Ryan Robinson
Scoring Assistant Andrea Datzman
Produced by Michael Giacchino
Supervised by Michael Giacchino
Sound Designer Gregory Hainer

2-D Cinematics by MK Productions, Inc.

Executive Producer Melissa Kangeter (EP)
Director Peter Hermann
2-D Artist Brian Stelfreeze

Published by Brash Entertainment

Chairman and CEO Mitch Davis
President and COO Nicholas Longano
Chief Financial Officer Bill Chardavoyne
Chief Creative Officer Larry Shapiro
Sr. VP of Business Affairs & General Counsel Patrick Sweeney
Sr. Counsel Melissa Miller
Senior Executive Producer Jonathan Eubanks
Senior Producer Stephen Townsend
Creative Producer Daniel Badilla
Associate Producer Kit Chan, Douglas Rukavina
Director of Content and Integration Kevin A. Brown
Producton Assistant Philip Isles
Technical Director Tae Joon Park
Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Yasmin Naboa
VP of Sales Anne Skorski
VP of UK Sales Adam Prichard
Director of Marketing Jason Covey
Brand Manager John Choon
Marketing Consultant Ava Barab
Director of Analysis & Research Barbara Creary
Market Analyst Nathaniel Botwick
Vice President of Communications Tiffany Spencer
PR Manager Abby Topolsky
Director of Operations Amy Small
Operations Manager Nicole Condrick
QA and Localization Babel Media
Special Thanks ABRY Partners, Rob Auten, Stephanie Biela, Cathy Bunnin, Xiao Hui Chin, David S. Cohen, Rita Drucker, Elie Dekel, Bert Ellis, Janie Freedman, Sutherland Gold, Joshua Graff, Sara Grover, Jamie Hamilton, Hilary Hattenbach, Sarah Hoeksma, Simon Kinberg, Adam Kline, Richard Lever, Quinton Luck, Stacey Maes, Alycia Marrapodi, Ian Morton, Ely Orias, Sanford Panitch, Cynthia Pascoe, Petrol Advertising, PMK/HBH, Anna Roca, Ryan Rothenberger, Jo Sarajina, Tony Sella, Thomas Tull, 822 Digital
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