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Spore Creatures

aka: Spore: Wilde Kreaturen
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Nintendo DS credits (2008)

215 people (180 professional roles, 35 thanks) with 222 credits.

Griptonite Games

Senior Producer
Associate Producer
Lead Artist
Lead Programmers
Lead Designer
Design & Scripting
Environmental Artists
Technical Artist
Creature Animators
Creature Artist
UI Artists
Species Nomenclature
Additional Art
Additional Programming
QA Lead
Software Testers
Studio Head
Studio Art Director
Studio Design Director
Studio Technical Directors
Studio Audio Manager
Studio Development Manager
Studio Coordinator
Finance Manager
VP of Studios
Special Thanks

Electronic Arts

Senior Producer
Technical Director
ESRB Submission
EA Special Thanks
QA Director
QA Project Lead
EA QA Team
QA Shared Services Manager
QA Compliance Leads
QA Compliance Testers
North America Submissions and Compliance
Customer Quality Control
Vice President, Marketing
Senior Product Manager
Public Relations
Senior Director, PR
Marketing Artist
Creative Director
Director, Creative Services
Advertising Manager
Vice President, European Marketing
Sr Director European Corporate Communications
European Marketing Manager
European Product Manager
Asia Pacific Brand and Marketing Director
Asia Pacific Sr Product Manager
Asia Pacific Sr Public Relations Manager
Asia Pacific Regional Marketing Research Director
Japanese Marketing Director
Localization Coordinator France
Localization Coordinator Germany
Localization Coordinator Spain
Localization Coordinator Italy
Localization Coordinator Benelux
European Integration Producers
European Integration Engineers
European Localization Testing Project Manager
European Localization Testing Supervisors
European Localization Testing Team Leads
European Localization Senior Testers
European Localization Testers
Asian Localization Project Manager
Asian Localization Producer
Asian QA Tester
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