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Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

aka: Rittai Ninja Katsugeki Tenchū, Rittai Ninja Katsugeki Tenchū: Shinobi-Gaisen
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Feudal Japan - a place where the strict code of the Samurai brings Honour to the land, a land turned slowly red by the feuding warlords as they battle for ultimate power and wealth.

But now there's a darker side - a silent, rooftop world, populated by warriors far removed from the code; warriors not bound by honour and seldom by loyalty. Only one rule applies: there must be complete and total success of the mission by whatever means and whatever the cost.

Prepare to enter the dark and deathly silent world of the ninja assassin.

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins drops you into the disturbing world of the ninja, where stealth and cunning become your greatest allies and brute force and aggression, your darkest enemy.

A revolutionary scoring system rewards both your skill at blending in with the surrounding environments and your ability to use the shadows to dispatch the myriad foes encountered on a mission.

You have the choice of playing as 2 ninjas: Rikimaru, a terrifyingly focussed and withdrawn assassin and master of the legendary Izayoi sword; or Ayame, the female orphan renowned for her speed and agility. Tenchu puts a stunning array of weapons and equipment at your disposal, including the grappling hook which you use to traverse the rooftops and vantage points undetected by your enemies below.

The twilight world of the ninja awaits, a world where failure is not an option!


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**Live by Honor.

Kill by Stealth.**

Prowl and strike with lethal precision as ninja assassins Rikimaru or Ayame in the shadowy world of feudal Japan. Armed with mystical weapons and sheer cunning, you must shed blood with discretion and move without detection. For only the unseen survive.

Stealth Fighting Tactics

Master dozens of motion-captured ninja moves as you disembowel fearsome samurai, wild beasts, and evil demons. Assassinate incredibly cunning enemies before they see you coming, and attain victory by being an invisible shadow warrior.

Authentic Ninja Weapons

Wield 20 stunning death-dealing devices, including throwing stars, grappling hooks, caltrops, grenades, poison, and magic spells. Unleash long-range attacks with a unique 1st-person targeting system.

Go-Anywhere 3-D Environments

Stalk the towns, temples, forests, caves and dungeons of 16th century Japan in 10 deadly missions. A user-controllable camera helps you climb trees, wade through rivers and creep along rooftops to avoid detection.

"The solid control, incredible graphics, and unique gameplay experience make Tenchu one of the sleeper games of the year."

-ULTRA Game Players

"...Tenchu is one title that ninja fans can't miss!"

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