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Crash of the Titans

aka: COTT, Crash: Lucha de Titanes

[ PlayStation 2 ] [ PSP ] [ Wii ] [ Xbox 360 ]

PlayStation 2 credits (2007)

353 People (284 developers, 69 thanks)

Radical Entertainment

Senior Producer
Art Director
Technical Director
Lead Game Designer
Sound Director
Technical Project Manager
Art Production Manager
Game Project Manager
Lead Programmer
Technical Team
Game Designers
Concept Artists
Lead Character Modeller
Lead Animator
In-Game and Cinematics Animators
Presentation Artist
Stateprop Artists
Environment Artists
Texture Artists
Lead Lighting Artist
Lighting Artist
FX Artists
Sound Effects Designer
Original Game Score
QA Leads
QA Testers
Additional Programming
Director, Sound Department
Production Coordinator, Sound Department
Dialogue Editors
Dialogue and Music Mastering
Voice Cast (In Alphabetical Order)
Shadow Puppets Intro Movie
  • Atomic Cartoons
Additional 3D Art
  • Lakshya Digital
Visual Development
Advanced Visual Group
Character Modeling Group
Creative Services
Video Services
Director of Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology Group
Chief Operating Officer, Radical
Special Thanks
Development Focus Testers
Coffee Time!

Vivendi Games Senior Executives

Chief Executive Officer
President, Worldwide Studios
Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer
EVP, Global Sales
EVP, General Counsel
Chief Financial Officer
EVP, Human Resources

Sierra Entertainment Brand Marketing

VP, Global Brand Management
Sr. Director Brand Manager
Global Brand Manager
Associate Brand Managers

Public Relations

Public Relations Manager

Creative Services

VP, Creative Services
Manager, Creative Services
Account Supervisor

Consumer Promotions

Associate Manager

Trade Marketing

Associate Managers

Interactive Marketing


Global Marketing

Sr. Director
Associate Manager
Brand Coordination Manager

Global Consumer Research


Console Publishing

Console Manager EU
Console Marketing Coordinator

Media Productions

Voice Over Director
Production Coordinator
Vice President
Digital Video Specialists
Sr. Video Editor
Video Editor
Graphic Artist
Screenshot Specialists
Marketing Special Thanks

Product Development

Senior Vice President, Product Development
Director, Project Management Office
Associate Producer
Localisation Team
Senior Director of Quality Assurance
Studio Support Services - Office Manager
Studio Support Services Administration Assistant
Senior QA Manager, Tester Resources
QA Manager
Project Lead
QA Testers
Technical Requirements Group Manager
Technical Requirements Group Senior Supervisor
Technical Requirements Group Supervisors
Technical Requirements Group Testers
QA Supervisors
Burn Lab Supervisors
Burn Lab Configuration Engineers
End User Support Technicians
Project Leads VUPC Group
Senior Engineer VUPC Group
VP of Technology
Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Technical Directors

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