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Marvel vs. Capcom 2

aka: MVC2

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Critic Reviews 88% add missing review

Gaming Target (10 out of 10)

With the entire gang being there, new 3-on-3 combat, new control, and replay that just doesn't quit. This game is at the top of the list that both demonstrated the Dreamcast's amazing visuals, and Capcom's intense gameplay. A game for everyone, especially those, who just don't like to quit.

Jun 30th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

GamePro (US) (5 out of 5)

There's no question that this is the best yet for the Versus series, but it does leave the same troubling questions Street Fighter Alpha 3 did; "Where do you go from here?". With insane amounts of selectable characters and play options, what can possibly be done to top it? Surely, Capcom will come up with something.

Nov 24th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

GamesFirst! ( )

The Japanese version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 featured online play over a specialized network, and all accounts had on-line play set for the U.S release as well. Unfortunately, tragically, this is not the case. MvsC 2 has no Internet support at all and this is a great loss to the game. Someday, on some Capcom fighting game, it will happen. On that day I will plug my Dreamcast controller in like I’m planting a flag atop some forgotten bloody battlefield and I will proclaim its merit across this beautiful world. Bells will chime from sea to shinning sea and light will spring back into eyes that were too bloodshot to see straight. Don’t despair, fellow gamers. The fighting game gods are out there, watching. Pay them homage, offer them sacrifices, and ask them nicely to give us a fighting game with real on-line play. Don’t listen to the unbelievers who scoff at your dedication and 2D rituals. The almighty God of fighting games is watching over us, and its name is Capcom.

Jul 25th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

The Video Game Critic (A)

This game has an incredible number of modes and options, and you can accumulate points to purchase new characters or outfits. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is one of the best fighters I've played on the Dreamcast system.

Sep 9th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) ( )

Speed is crucial to any 2D fighter, and MvsC2 is so fast your eyes can barely keep up. No pretentions to realism here: this is awesome videogame entertainment. It's flashy, noisy and you lose yourself totally in short bursts of manic action. It's a game that jabs wildly at your adrenaline button from the second you lick up the pad, and leaves you hyper after the slow-mo knockout at the end of each fight. Totally awesome.

Jul 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Defunct Games (94 out of 100)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 does make up for a lot when it comes to sheer presentation. You know you are in for a treat when you see the intro screen. Everything about the game screams professional, and there was no expense cut when bringing you a great looking front end. To be honest, this game has one of the most attractive menu displays of any game I have ever seen. It's truly a highlight. Everything has been thought of for this sequel. Big things, small things, and stuff you wouldn't even notice, it's all here ... so there's just one question: Why the heck don't you own this game?

May 28th, 2005 · Dreamcast · read review

Retroage (9.3 out of 10)

Podsumowując Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes to bardzo charakterystyczna bijatyka 2D ktĂłra niestety przez swoją chaotycznoƛć straciƂa bardzo duĆŒo potencjalnych graczy. Bardzo dobra, choć nie wyciskająca ostatnich potĂłw z konsoli grafika i ƛwietne udĆșwiękowienie w poƂączeniu z duĆŒÄ… iloƛcią postaci do wyboru i jeszcze większą do odblokowania sprawia ĆŒe gra starcza na wiele godzin i jak to zwykle w bijatykach bywa – gramy z rĂłwnie wielką przyjemnoƛcią nawet kiedy juĆŒ ją skoƄczymy. Zdecydowanie polecam, choć nie kaĆŒdemu fanowi bijatyk.

Nov 3rd, 2013 · Dreamcast · read review

IGN (9.3 out of 10)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 proves to be one of the best fighting games out there, one of the Dreamcast's most sparkling gems, and an awesome experience both for 1 player and multiple players alike. Yes, folks, the madness of Marvel can indeed coexist with the beautiful simplicity of Street Fighter III.

Jun 29th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

NowGamer (9.2 out of 10)

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is by far and away the best 2-D beat-’em-up ever to grace any console

Jul 16th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Da Gameboyz (9.12 out of 10)

Simply, if you are a fan of fighting games, buy this right now. You won't be sorry. With awesome graphics (save the low resolution characters), original music, gameplay refined to near perfection, and all the re-playability you can handle, this adds up to the best damn fighter that Capcom has put out yet, PERIOD.

Jul 8th, 2004 · Dreamcast · read review

Original Gamer (9.1 out of 10)

All in all, MvC2 is a perfect example of videogame evolution. Start off with Street Fighter 2, getting the super combos from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, the art style of Xmen: Children of the Atom, the tag team mechanics of Xmen vs. Street Fighter, and the assist moves of Marvel vs. Capcom. It took several games but the wait for a game like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is why gamers continue to game.

Jan 31st, 2009 · Dreamcast · read review

The Next Level (USA) (A-)

Furthermore, while I was certainly pleased to see the vast variety of characters including new and old faces, I would have actually liked to see more new characters from the Marvel and Capcom universe (perhaps Mega Man's brother Zero, Deadpool, and heck..maybe even Mary Jane would've been funky!). I suppose that's what sequels are for; thus it's safe to say that we can expect another installment in the near future as Marvel vs. Capcom 2 sports enough glitter, replay value, and perhaps is the most balanced Vs. title to date. It certainly will be a game that will be played and enjoyed by hardcore fans and newcomers alike.

Apr 30th, 1999 · Dreamcast · read review

Gaming Entertainment Monthly (90 out of 100)

Immediately, when I sit down to talk about this game, one word comes to mind, Impressive. Back in the early 90's when the Street Fighter craze started, I got hooked. In the original Stree Fighter II, you had 8 games, some several special moves and a couple combos. The strategy was there but it was easy to get into,and easy to play. After its massive success, the game companies saw the huge profits in the game and more clones came out while Capcom tried to capitalize on the new Street Fighter franchise.

Sep 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

VicioJuegos.com / uVeJuegos.com (90 out of 100)

Tanto si eres fan de los juegos de lucha 2D como si no lo eres, este juego te engancharĂĄ y realmente disfrutarĂĄs con Ă©l.

Mar 27th, 2004 · Dreamcast · read review

Gamer's Pulse (89 out of 100)

I know what you’re thinking, I'm some biased gaming nut who thinks 3D ruined gaming; well, you’re wrong. The third dimension only ruined the adventure games; well, it did mess up a few other games, but not whole genres. I'm just pointing out that your precious gaming dollars are much better spent on something fun rather than a tech demo.

Feb 10th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Planet Dreamcast (8.5 out of 10)

Even with the few blemishes I've mentioned, I can whole-heartedly recommend Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to all fans of fast and furious 2D fighting. It's going to be a long time until Capcom, or anyone else, manages to top it.

Jul 10th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

SegaFan.com (8.5 out of 10)

En lĂ­neas generales MvsC2 resulta un juego de notable alto, adecuado para casi cualquier tipo de pĂșblico debido a las casi nulas complicaciones de su manejo y a su vistosidad grĂĄfica que puede atraer incluso a los detractores mĂĄs encarnizados de las 2D. ÂżQuĂ© le impide alcanzar cotas mĂĄs altas? La escasez de modos de juego, y la ausencia de finales personalizados para cada contendiente, que motivarĂ­an un poco mĂĄs al jugador a la hora de ponerse delante de la consola, suponen dos trabas que lo apartan del sobresaliente.

May 31st, 2002 · Dreamcast · read review

GameSpot (8.4 out of 10)

The versus series has always been about pure 2D insanity. Capcom's long-running line pits Street Fighter characters against all manner of fighters, including Marvel comic-book characters and other Capcom characters. But the over-the-top nature of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 makes the other versus games look subdued by comparison.

May 31st, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Video Games (84 out of 100)

(PAL version)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 gehört sicher nicht zu den Beat'em Ups, die man ewig lange spielen wird, da der Spielverlauf eigentlich zu hektisch ist und auf die Buttons eigentlich zu viele Funktionen gelegt wurden. Anstatt eines Assists verpulvert man im Eifer des Gefechts z.B. oft einen Power-Balken fĂŒr einen sinnlosen Knockdown-Move. 3D-Stages mit Render-Gimmicks schön und gut – aber mĂŒssen wir deshalb KĂ€mpfer mit ausgefransten Konturen in Kauf nehmen? In Sachen Animation kann MvC2 einem Street Fighter III 3rd Strike nicht das Wasser reichen reichen, aber wenn Street Fighter einen Fernsehabend darstellen soll, dann entspricht MvsC2 dem Kinoerlebnis mit Dolby-Surround-Sound, spricht: Es passiert einfach mehr. 56 Charaktere sind außerdem ein Wort, und auch die exzellente PAL-Version (60 Hz, VGA-Support) verdient Lob. Einen Crossover-PrĂŒgler muss jeder Beat'em-Up-Liebhaber im Regal stehen haben, und davon ist MvC2 der Beste.

Jul 2000 · Dreamcast

Game Revolution (B+)

Overall, I would have to say this is the best installment of any Street Fighter game in recent memory. It breaks into some new territory with 3-on-3 matches and gains some super replay value with the insane amount of characters to unlock. The game also stays true to the original gameplay concept with quarter and half circle moves galore. While nothing new, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 packs a dragon punch when it comes to action and blows the 2D competition away.

Jun 1st, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Game Informer Magazine (8 out of 10)

The game still weighs in with a whopping 56 characters, featuring several new faces and a heavy crop of familiar fighters. Other than slightly pixelated character details, and a completely different pallet of starting characters, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is arcade perfect.

Jul 2000 · Dreamcast

HappyPuppy (8 out of 10)

Personally, I prefer the traditionalism of Street Fighter III when flying solo, but if you like having friends over, there's no better 2D fighting game out there than this one.

Jul 17th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Retrogaming.it (8 out of 10)

La giocabilitĂ , infine, Ăš la classica collaudata made in Capcom in questo genere di produzioni, con le aggiunte menzionate in precedenza, quindi: ritmo esasperato, fuochi d’artificio e super mosse da colossal, che faranno la gioia dei neofiti per la loro semplicitĂ  d’esecuzione. Si badi bene, non che la tecnica latiti, si Ăš semplicemente scelto un approccio meno cerebrale e piĂč giocoso; anche se le combo, che subirete dagli avversari nei livelli piĂč avanzati, potranno creare qualche seccatura ai meno preparati.

Apr 28th, 2008 · Dreamcast · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (8 out of 10)

MvC2 is a great title. The combination of two different character sets and worlds is an inspired choice, the magic of Marvel with the ingenuity of Capcom is a blend of the highest quality. Like a good whiskey, a lot of the ideas behind it have aged well, and like a good cocktail, the new additions are fresh, exciting, and have a zing that the final product couldn’t do without. Like fighting? Buy it. Got a second controller? Buy it. Like lame Japanese game music? Buy it.

Aug 16th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Video Games (8 out of 10)

Die PrĂ€sentation von Marvel vs. Capcom 2 hebt sich diesmal wohltuend von der langweiligen und trockenen Art des Standard-Capcom-Beat‘em-Up ab, und auch die Musik hat an QualitĂ€t zugelegt. Die jazzigen Bar-Rhythmen mit einigen netten Vocals sind zwar nicht jedermanns Geschmack, ein Fortschritt gegen ĂŒber der sonstigen 08/15-Capcom-Soundkulisse stellen sie aber auf jeden Fall dar. Da die Special-Move-F/X hier sowieso ĂŒberwiegen, kann man damit sicher leben. Fazit: Enorm starker PrĂŒgler mit massig Stars, tollen Backgrounds und einem reichhaltigen Aktionsrepertoir in 3-on-3-Duellen - klar besser als Street Fighter3 Double Impact, Star Gladiotor 2 und Jo Jo‘s Bizarre Adventure aus eigenem Hause.

May 2000 · Dreamcast

Super Play (Sweden) (8 out of 10)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Àr ett av de bÀsta tvÄdimensionella beat 'em up-spel jag spelat pÄ mycket lÀnge. Det har intensitet, varierande karaktÀrer, tunga luftstrider, infernaliska combos och ett vÀlsvarvat grÀnssnitt. Det glÀder mig att se att den hÀr genren inte pÄ lÄnga vÀgar Àr pÄ vÀg att dö ut och att den inte tangerar att stagnera. Det hÀr Àr bara början.

Sep 2000 · Dreamcast

Jeuxvideo.com (16 out of 20)

Sans renouveler le genre, Capcom nous sort ici la quintessence du genre en un jeu. Un titre complet qui clÎt parfaitement la période 2D de la firme japonaise.

Jul 26th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Gamekult (8 out of 10)

Capcom, bien rĂŽdĂ© sur les jeux de combat avec les innombrables Street Fighter, rĂ©ussit enfin Ă  nous proposer un jeu digne de ce nom dans leur sĂ©rie cross-over, et mĂȘme plus, Marvel vs Capcom 2 s'avĂ©rant ĂȘtre parmi les deux-trois meilleurs jeux de combat signĂ©s par la sociĂ©tĂ©. De trĂšs nombreux personnages, une bonne jouabilitĂ©, des graphismes et animations de qualitĂ©, font partie des nombreux Ă©lĂ©ments qui en font une vraie rĂ©ussite. Il faudrait vraiment ĂȘtre complĂštement rĂ©fractaire au systĂšme de combat Ă  coups de mouvements spĂ©ciaux "Ă  la Capcom" pour ne pas se laisser tenter.

Aug 30th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Lens of Truth (7.5 out of 10)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 would have been a better game if it was named something else. This game was so off the beaten path of its predecessors that it really didn’t live up to its title. The gameplay is super fast paced, and a novice player can easily get lost in the madness on screen. Even veterans of the versus series fighters shy away from this one.

Apr 14th, 2009 · Dreamcast · read review

Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) ( )

The insanely large number of moves and the huge number of characters provide for a very deep and replayable experience. Still, while the graphics and sound are serviceable–especially considering the sheer amount of animation–it all begins to feel like more of the same. This is reinforced by the fact that the control system is completely standardized among all the characters. You never develop any real involvement with the game or its characters other than the desire to kick more butt. If you’re looking for an excuse just to beat the heck out of a button mashing friend, doing it under the guise of beloved super heroes or Capcom characters is enough of an enticement to warrant picking up the title. However, if you are not a fan of 2D fighters or have to have everything featuring the Marvel franchise, there are more accessible and graphically pleasant beat-em-ups out there.

Sep 11th, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

Player Reviews

Addictive yet repetitive
by Robyrt (53)

The Good
3-on-3 battles are great fun, and last a good few minutes. The controls are great: assists, character switches, even triple hyper combos are just two button presses away. Plenty of eye candy, especially now that hyper moves are a dime a dozen. This game is just addictive.

The Bad
There may be 56 characters, but only 10 are any good. Gameplay gets repetitive: since everything is so showy, it's more about filling the screen with your characters/projectiles than it's about choosing the right move. Balance is horrible (Cable and Magneto and particular are way too powerful); there's practically an infinite combo for every character. The boss is disappointingly easy.

The Bottom Line
It may not be as complex as Virtua Fighter 3 or as good-looking as Soul Calibur, but it certainly is a whole lot of fun.

Nov 5th, 2002 · Dreamcast

"I Wanna Take You For A Ride..."-Lyrics from Marvel vs. Capcom 2
by MasterMegid (870)

The Good
The sequel to the original Marvel vs. Capcom as well as the Street Fighter vs. X-men games, this game had a lot to live up to. Could it be better than those games? Read my review and find out.

In Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, the space-time continuum has been disrupted. Now the Marvel universe and Capcom universe are merging in to one another. Will the heroes overcome this and save themselves?

The plot in MvC2 is a little silly, and a little loose. It is however a fighting game, so I am not expecting much here. Therefore it is not counted as being a, "bad" aspect of the game.

"Here's one for JJ!"-Spider-man, MvC2-

The fighting is fast and furious. You pick a team of three. Each with there own fighting types: ground, capture, healing, etc. And take on the other teams also composed of three. You can also interchange the fighting styles of each combatant. All have one that they excel at however.

Unlike most Capcom brawlers that utilize six buttons. MvC2 uses four, perfect for the Dreamcast controller. In addition to basics like punch, kick, grab, there is also the ability to switch to any fighter at a time. They are all playable, unlike in the original Marvel vs. Capcom, in which the second fighter was passive. You can also pull off super moves.

"Thumbs up solider!"-Captain America, MvC2-

In order to execute these super moves, you have to wait until your power bar fills. It fills by getting hit, and by pulling off successful attacks. If it fills to level three or higher all the members on your team attack at once. This can devastate an opponent. Furthermore multi-hit combos can also be achieved. I have personally done a 110 hit combo.(It was awesome.-MM-) The higher the combo the more points, the more points the higher your end score.

The gameplay is very flexible, with ground combat as well as aerial combat. It is also great fun, there are a plethora of fighters, 56 in all. You start with 16, and earn points to unlock more. You "spend" the points in the "shop". To earn points you must play the single player game or go head to head in Versus mode. You can also unlock stages, and alternate colors for your heroes to wear.

Heroes range from Spider-man, Ryu, Iron-Man, to more rare and expensive like Captain Commando, and Blackheart.

The graphics in MvC2 are amazing, the Dreamcast enables the arcade perfect quality. With 3D backdrops, and 2D fighters with high quality animations. The Special moves look fantastic and the entire game has excellent lighting effects.

The sprites are huge, and very well detailed.

The sound quality is high, with the voice clips, taunts, and victory trash talking. As well as the sounds of combat.

The music is not as well done. Not it's not good it just sometimes seems out of place.

The Bad
"Let's go bub."-Wolverine, MvC2-

56 fighters are two few. That may seem absurd to some, but there are so many missing fighters. I know that they could not put in every single fighter from the Marvel and Capcom universe, but some of the omissions are odd. Where is The Thing? Or Ghost Rider? Or The Punisher, this is really baffling as Capcom made the excellent Punisher beat-em-up.

And where the hell is Ryu, from the "Breath Of Fire" series?

The A.I. is very cheap. Capcom fighting games are notorious for this.

The end boss is a huge pain in the ass.

The music may not sit well with some. It is basically light jazz. And while it sounds good, it just seems an odd choice for this type of game.

Where is Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

There tends to be and imbalance in fighter strength, but not in the way most fighting games go wrong, Usually the brute fighters are too powerful. Here it seems to be the goofy fighters that are too strong. How is Spider-man gonna be beaten by some jackass cactus man? That's right a cactus man!

The Bottom Line
MvC2 is a very fun game and can be quite addictive. It is one of the best if not the best 2D fighting game out there. And one of the best fighters overall.

Dreamcast fighting fans have to pick this one up. The Dreamcast version is the strongest of all the versions, so you best avoid the PS2 and Xbox versions, unless that is the only way you can play this gem.

Jan 30th, 2008 · Dreamcast

Marvel vs. Capcom, what more can i say.
by Derrick Igbo (2)

The Good
This game is one of my all-time favorite games on the now-deceased Dreamcast. It had all of your favorite players from both Marvel and Capcom, and they all had their only special skill-set. The action never gets boring and you have other good things to unlock after you beat the game

The Bad
There wasn't much I didn't like except for the obvious distinction of other players get more special attention than others. (Dan, I'm looking at you!)

The Bottom Line
All in all, a must-have for Dreamcast owners.

Jul 13th, 2007 · Dreamcast

It wont get u hooked
by Lee Redfern (22)

The Good
the hyper combos cool characters - all the classics are there the mass selection of characters the idea of earing points to buy secret characters the vmu save - includes shop, level of expert, play time, trading characters by linking 2 vmu's very well rendered and animated backgrounds 3 character tag team

The Bad
poor graphics - jagged characters like a ps1 game - even tho they are cartoons - id expect better music - oh dear the lack of addictiveness the repetitiveness

The Bottom Line
good if your a follower of these games - buy it if your looking for just a cool fighting game go for soul calibur - you will b amazed theres just too little for this game to make it last a long time in your collection - i wouldnt waste my time id get sommat else

Jun 14th, 2001 · Dreamcast

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