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Fear Effect

aka: Fear Factor

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Computer and Video Games (CVG) ( )

Fear Effect isn't a huge game, despite coming on four whopping discs. The first time you encounter the trickier sections you'll be stumped for ages, but once you've sussed them out you'll blast through them. There are moments in the action where it seems you're cruelly set up to be defeated and perhaps there are too many cases of instant unavoidable death. But the feeling of satisfaction after you finally solve a puzzle is extreme. Fear Effect looks great, plays great and will challenge you. Lose yourself in its hellish charms.

Apr 2000 · PlayStation · read review

The Video Game Critic (A)

Cinematic sequences are seamlessly intertwined with the action, and the music and voice acting is absolutely top-notch. Fear Effect's controls are similar to Resident Evil and Tomb Raider, but an intelligent user interface lets you manipulate items without even bringing up a menu screen. There are plenty of save points, and that's always a good thing. Fear Effect is one exciting, dark adventure that Playstation fans should not overlook.

Nov 23rd, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Just Adventure (A-)

Fear Effect is a worthy addition to a mature Playstation gamer's library. There's significant gore in this game, and there are some racy scenes with Hana, so keep that in mind when purchasing this for the young 'uns. This game goes on my top ten PSX list; I would recommend it to any adventure gamer who doesn't mind significant action sequences.

2000 · PlayStation · read review

Game Revolution (A-)

I have some small gripes (like the awkward save game feature), but these pale in comparison to the tremendous overall experience that this game serves up. A class act from start to finish, Fear Effect is that rare game that moves toes the line between game and art. The effect is truly unique.

Mar 1st, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Gameplay RPG (91 out of 100)

Et Ă  l'instar des grands films, on ne se lasse pas de finir et de refinir Fear Effect tant il procure de sensations Ă©trangement nouvelles.

Apr 2000 · PlayStation · read review

GamePro (US) ( )

Fear Effect is an amazing game, full of action, puzzles and characters you actually give a damn about. The solid integration of visual design and solid gameplay makes Fear Effect a must for any survival horror or action-adventure fan.

Mar 16th, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

PSM (4.5 out of 5)

There isn't a game in the PlayStation library that is more graphically innovative than Fear Effect. Much of the actual gameplay looks like cell animation with a luscious style fitting somewhere between Aeon Flux and Blade Runner. It admittedly plays a lot like Resident Evil, minus the large amounts of exploration, but graphically, everything feels alive. Each environment is moving, from plants in the foreground to flickering lights and bugs on the ground. The look and feel of this game is truly remarkable; it's like nothing you've ever played before.

Mar 2000 · PlayStation

IGN (8.9 out of 10)

Fear Effect really sticks out from the crowd. It's a unique game with a rich blend of action, puzzles, and an unusual story, and in the fifth year of the PlayStation, nothing could have arrived at a better time. It's a keeper.

Feb 18th, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

GameSpy (89 out of 100)

In conclusion, Fear Effect is a worthy addition to any gamer's collection. Fans of anime are sure to enjoy it just for its cinematic content alone. The game is flawed in places, but the compelling storyline and innovative survival-horror style will keep you coming back for more. Players should keep in mind that this game gets better the more one plays it. Not only does the story get better, but the graphics and action also improve disc by disc. Even the controls become easier to master once one becomes experienced. If you're looking for a sci-fi, cyber-punk, and occult thriller all wrapped into one, then Fear Effect can't be beat.

Feb 25th, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Absolute Playstation (88 out of 100)

Fear Effect is an excellent title that is almost dragged into the muck by a few niggling flaws. If it wasn't for the fact that you die every minute or so and then have to wait 25 seconds for the saved game to load up or the occasionally wonky character control this would be the perfect game for its genre. As it is the story is marvelous, the character development is great, the visuals are stunning and the sound effects are some of the best heard yet.

Mar 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Cincinnati Enquirer (3.5 out of 4)

Fear Effect is a surprisingly original game that offers a wealth of new reasons to blow three hours in front of the tube. The engrossing story and intense action make the game one of the top PlayStation titles in recent memory and with the impending release of PS2, it’s probably one of the last.

2000 · PlayStation · read review

Mega Fun (86 out of 100)

Fear Effect erfindet zwar das Genre der Action-Adventure nicht neu, bringt aber dennoch genĂŒgend aciongeladene Unterhaltung abseits der ausgetretenen Tomb-Raider- oder Resident-Pfade. Die hevorragende Story sowie deren technisch absolut gelungene Umsetzung sorgen mit Sicherheit fĂŒr genĂŒgend frischen Wind. Zwar zeigt sich die Steuerung nicht gerade als einsteigerfreundlich, aber die Aktionen geben nach einigen Minuten schnell in Fleisch und Blut ĂŒber. Trotz allem liegt der Schwierigkeitsgrad meines Erachtens enorm hoch. Gerade fĂŒr die Endgegner benötigt ihr einige teils frustrierende AnlĂ€ufe, um ans Ziel zu gelangen. WĂŒrde die Suche nach der adĂ€quaten Lösung nicht derart lange andauern, wĂ€re der Spuk schnell vorĂŒber.

Apr 2000 · PlayStation

GameSpot (8.5 out of 10)

There are so many twists and turns in the plot that you want to continually play just a little further and the storyline's mature tone is refreshing, enough so that it makes you look past the game's few warts.

Feb 23rd, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Gamer's Pulse (85 out of 100)

Overall, I would have loved this game if it weren’t for the many faults, including the painfully slow load times, the sometimes long distances between save points at inappropriate places, and the system of dying many times before you learn a way through a puzzle or beyond a boss. Everything seemed so right, yet the execution was flawed. The graphics, sound, originality, script, and plot were not only excellent, but were very original and fresh. If you loved the movie Blade Runner, the Resident Evil series, Tomb Raider, or Dino Crisis, you will probably enjoy the concept of this game. I believe the sequel will be a much better game after they have worked out some of the flaws.

Jun 14th, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (17 out of 20)

Un resident evil-like qui offre un monde novateur et une aventure fraßche. Il ne révolutionne pas le genre mais apporte une petite contribution et une réalisation propre.

Mar 14th, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Video Games (84 out of 100)

Gratulation an Kronos – mit Fear Effect haben die Kalifornier einen Volltreffer gelandet. Diese dank Stream-und Loop-Techniken unglaublich lebendig wirkenden Render-Umgebungen in Kombination mit dem AnimĂ©-Design der drei Söldner schießen einfach den Vogel ab. So schön und Movie-like hat vielleicht noch kein PS-Spiel ausgesehen. Wenn dann noch die Story und die fein eingestreuten Puzzles stimmen, kann man ĂŒber kleine technische Patzer wie manchmal ruckelnde Kamerafahrten (kann aber auch ein Manko Ă€lterer PlayStations sein!) sowie Ziel- und Ausweichprobleme hinwegsehen. (
) Trotz vier CDs ist Fear Effect aber nicht allzu umfangreich: An zwei lĂ€ngeren Abend-Sessions solltet ihr's mit etwas Geschick durch haben. Es sich aber auf jeden Fall – auch fĂŒr Resident Evil-Hasser.

Apr 2000 · PlayStation

Svenska PlayStation Magasinet (8 out of 10)

Vad som borde varit en oÀvertrÀffad klassiker hindras tyvÀrr av alltför dÄlig spelbalans. Det Àr fortfarande ett kanonspel, men om du inte klarar frustrationen kommer du snabbt att ÄtervÀnda till butiken med det.

May 2000 · PlayStation

Game Chronicles (7.9 out of 10)

Fear Effect does an excellent job of pulling the gamer into future Hong Kong with its top-notch plot and characters. While there are a few problems, the overall package is above average. The game delivers a mature, action-oriented experience and is sure to find its way into many a gamer’s library. It’s early to say, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a "next-generation" sequel. If you’re a fan of Metal Gear or Resident Evil, you should definitely give Fear Effect a shot, and you may want to check out the recently release prequel, Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix.

Jun 22nd, 2001 · PlayStation · read review

Power Unlimited (7.5 out of 10)

Fear Effect is stijlvol en heeft een waanzinnig verhaal maar er zijn bepaalde dingen in het spel waar gewoon nog wat langer aan gewerkt had moeten worden.

Jul 2000 · PlayStation

Defunct Games (B)

Fear Effect was a fresh experience that mostly worked well. The story took a lot of chances for the time that paid off, and the goal of "interactive anime" was definitely realized. Unfortunately, the aggravating combat could be too much of a roadblock to enjoying the game for those prone to rage-quitting. Regardless, it's worth checking out. On a scale of Akira to Junk Boy, it rates a Vampire Hunter D.

Oct 20th, 2017 · PlayStation · read review

DominantTrek (7.5 out of 10)

Fear Effect literally looked different from all the games on the market at the time of its release. It has a cel-shaded look among a Blade Runner-like dystopian setting with a mature story and content. Unfortunately, some aspects stand out as poor, especially by today's standards. These factors prevent Fear Effect from standing the test of time.

Aug 26th, 2016 · PlayStation · read review

Gamers' Republic (B)

As much as I enjoyed equipping a pair of automatic weapons and blasting away, Fear Effect is at its best when engaging the eyes and mind - I really enjoyed the puzzle solving - and the story, cinematic elements, and unique Western-noir-inspired, streaming images (the background is essentially a running movie) create an interesting and absorbing space to exist in. More inspired and ambitious than exceptionally competent, Fear Effect is a game of ideas - one that hits plenty of high notes, yet hints of much greater possibilities.

Apr 2000 · PlayStation

Digital Press - Classic Video Games (7 out of 10)

While not a bad game by any means, it almost seems that Eidos was too ambitious. Everything is here to draw gamers into the world of Fear Effect, but the world will instantly feel the same as numerous others who have done it better. A sequel would be welcome, but only if the core gameplay is re-worked and some innovations added.

Oct 5th, 2005 · PlayStation · read review

Power The PlayStation Mag / Playstation Power (7 out of 10)

A very smart but ultimately flawed adventure. The basis is there for a fantastic gaming experience, but the final product is let down by some essentially dodgy gameplay. Shame.

Apr 2000 · PlayStation

Super Play (Sweden) (7 out of 10)

Fear Effect Àr ett spel som föregÄr med gott exempel. I en spelgenre dÀr sÄ gott som alla försöker att ge Capcom en god match och misslyckas, har Kronos istÀllet smygkikat lite pÄ Blade Runner och adderat lite krydda frÄn öst. Resultatet blir inte nÄgot enastÄende men ÀndÄ en produkt med sÄ pass mycket karaktÀr att alla vÀnner av Àventyr kommer att kÀnna sig hemma.

Apr 2000 · PlayStation

Quebec Gamers (6.7 out of 10)

Peut-ĂȘtre que je suis un cas rare Ă  ne pas avoir aimĂ© Fear Effect plus que ça. J'ai trouvĂ© qu'en dessous de sa belle prĂ©sentation et son beau style, se trouvait un gameplay bien ordinaire avec plein de petits trucs irritants. Peut-ĂȘtre qu'un jour, je remettrais ce jeu dans ma console pour me rendre compte Ă  quel point je m'Ă©tais trompĂ©, mais pour le moment, je me vois bien mal lui mettre au-dessus de 7 sur 10. L'histoire et les graphismes c'est bien beau, mais j'aurais aimĂ© avoir un meilleur jeu pour aller avec! Essayez-le par contre, car c'est loin d'ĂȘtre un jeu moche qui ne mĂ©rite pas qu'on s'y attarde, et il se peut que vous l'aimiez beaucoup plus que moi!

Mar 24th, 2013 · PlayStation

Eurogamer.net (UK) (6 out of 10)

A bit of an opportunity missed for me. I'd be interested in seeing where they go if a sequel is planned, but for me Fear Effect is just another average 3D adventure. Nowt special.

May 15th, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Player Reviews

Short, sweet, and it has boobs, ok?
by laemus (12)

The Good
Those characters. Great voice-acting really makes them shine through, though they aren't as fleshed out as I'd like.

Graphically, it's lovely. Sure, it's quite low-resolution, so it doesn't look as good as it COULD, but you still get a lot of eye-candy from the excellent character design and fantastic pre-rendered backgrounds.

Sound-wise, as I've already said, the voice-acting is first-rate. Couple that with some nicely atmospheric music, and you're onto a winner in this department.

The Bad
Those controls, man. They're clunky. Never TOO clunky, but not exactly fluid.

At times, it feels like Dragons Lair, with some horrific trial-and-error sequences, and boss sequences from hell, which you actually end up in later in the game!

The Bottom Line
If you like your action games highly stylish, well-plotted and full of twists, then it's for you. Poor controls and some bad level design let it down somewhat, but never too much to ruin the game. A winner.

Dec 3rd, 2003 · PlayStation

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