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Ship Simulator 2008

aka: Schiff-Simulator 2008: √Ėltanker, Bohrinseln, Ladekr√§ne, Ozeanwellen, Fahrten von Hafen zu Hafen, Ship Simulator 2007

Windows credits (2007)

65 people (44 professional roles, 21 thanks) with 73 credits.

Lead Programming
Junior Programming
Lead 3D Modeling, Texturing and Scene Creation
3D Modeling, Texturing and Scene Creation
Titanic Research Support
Mission Creation
Project Management
Special Thanks to
  • Act-3D / Quest3D
  • www.quest3d.com
  • Newton Game Dynamics
  • www.newtongamedynamics.com
  • KNRM
  • www.knrm.nl
  • Fairmount Marine B.V.
  • www.fairmount.nl
  • P&O Ferries Holdings Ltd
  • www.poferries.com
  • Red Funnel Group Ltd
  • www.redfunnel.co.uk
  • The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Seaport Police
  • Studio Yacht[www.studioyacht.nl]
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Ocean-Rig[www.oceanrig.com]
  • www.portofrotterdam.com
  • Huibert Groenendijk
  • www.huibertgroenendijk.com
  • Simon Sadler (Newton for Quest)
  • Bionatics[www.bionatics.com]
Forum Administrators

Lighthouse Interactive

Vice President Business Development
Development Manager
European Public Relations
Global Marketing Director
Product Manager
Country Marketing manager UK
Graphic Arts and Package Design
North American Public Relations
PR Assistant
Marketing Assistant
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