Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is the third installment of the Brother in Arms series and takes place four months after "Operation Overlord".

The player once again takes over the control of Staff Sergeant Matthew Baker and his squads as they take part in "Operation Market Garden". With the goal to secure multiple bridges, three airborne divisions were dropped into the Netherlands behind enemy lines on the 17th September 1944 - one of which was the 101st Airborne Division, Matt Baker's unit. The game tells the story of him and his squad assaulting and securing Eindhoven and the subsequent defense of the surrounding area against the German counter-attacks.

As in the previous games the player, in 1st person perspective or via tactical map, orders his squad around the map from cover to cover, ordering them to suppress the enemy and planning a flank attack to take the enemy position out, always advancing to the next objective. But to spice things up a bit, there isn't just an assault team waiting to be controlled. In some missions the player gets access to more specialised machine gun or bazooka teams. Especially the latter is very useful now since cover can be destroyed with enough fire power. There are also missions in which the player has control over a tank or has to fulfill the objective completely on his own.

Like in Rainbow Six: Vegas the player can also now do a move called "Dig in" at each cover. This will switch the camera to a 3rd person view and make the character invulnerable to enemy attack (as long as the cover isn't destroyed). From this position he can blind fire or look over the cover to get the kill with the improved combat system which doesn't rely that much on flanking the enemy anymore since every part of an enemy can now be hit if it's visible. And if the player makes an especially impressive shot (long distance head shot for example), the game switches to a slow-motion action cam, showing the hit in every gory detail. Another change is the new health system. As opposed to a fixed amount of health, the characters now regenerate health automatically if not under fire.

The game also features a team-based multiplayer mode for up to 20 players in which the teams either have to capture flag points or defend these points or eliminate the whole opposition to win the round.


  • 手足兄弟连:兵临绝境 - Chinese (simplified) spelling

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Average score: 77% (based on 95 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 31 ratings with 2 reviews)

Brother in arms they got right!

The Good
I have played the previous two brother in arms but did not nearly enjoy them as I did with this game. In-fact this game encouraged me to go back and actually completed the other two. Normally I do not enjoy the unreal engine with this type of game, but I was really surprised.

Once again you get to lead two squads of paratroopers against enemy concentrations, ensuring you use special techniques to defeat the enemy, i.e. fix the enemy (cover fire) flank the enemy (with light units) and fire (wipe them out). In the previous games, cover was always an issue, you could hide behind something and still get nailed by rounds, because your crouch wasn't low enough. In this game it uses the cover and fire system, whereby your character is safe if in cover mode and then can fire above cover, around cover and blind fire at the enemy (This is also used successfully in the Rainbow six vegans series)

This makes the game more realistic and gives the player time to think in a combat situation, how to get the upper hand. You have a tactical overview which allows you to plan set moves which can be helpful.

The storyline continues from where it left off, this in itself encourages you continue to see how you and your buddies pull through.

The Bad
I am sitting here trying to figure out what I did not enjoy and there are not many things. Occasionally triggers are not triggered and you have to restart a mission, although this may have been dealt with in patches.

I played this game through twice within a month on difficult settings so something in this game must have pulled me back.

The Bottom Line
This is a very realistic and immersive game and I really enjoyed it, in fact I hope they bring out another one with similar game-play. I feel that it is sadly an underrated franchise and was surprised to see how quickly its price dropped within a year of release.

Windows · by Thekwane Black (30) · 2011

Best game based on the second world war out there

The Good
The game takes place in the Second World War and it focuses on Market Garden. I haven't seen a game take place in the Kingdom of the Netherlands before (aside from a few missions in Medal of Honor: Front line) and I just love it. It may sound a little unfair to praise the game just because it takes place in my country, but most games don't even acknowledge our existence, so I am going to give points for it anyway.

The action is part strategy and part action, switching between these two is fast and it adds more depth to the cover-based fighting.

The soldiers under your command and the people you meet (like the Dutch resistance, once again thanks for acknowledging us) managed to endear themselves to me and that is useful because I think everybody agrees that if you are going to give orders to soldiers, you must at least care about them. A job well done.

The difficulty curve is done very well done, you will face off against soldiers on foot early on in the game, but then machine guns and mortals will start showing up and nearing the end of the game you'll run into tanks quite a lot and sometimes two or three at a time.

The Bad
There are quite a lot of glitches and that can prove to be very annoying. Quite often I would lose entire squads because they decided to hide at the wrong side of a wall or stop moving while we were dodging machine gun fire.

The story is a bit silly and really requires you to have played the earlier games in this series. It is something about a cursed handgun and traumatic experiences, while it is better than most other stories in shooter games, it is still very annoying to watch the same flashback five times and still not know what happened.

The Bottom Line
If you are like me and you think shooters have too less strategy and strategy games have too less action then this game is the perfect solution for your problem. The game is not meant for everybody though and most people are sick of the Second World War by now, so this game is a little late. If you can still bring up the interest for another war game though, this one is totally worth checking out,

Xbox 360 · by Asinine (957) · 2011


German version

In the German version all blood, cut off limbs and the "action camera" feature were removed. Because of this the multiplayer modes of the censored/uncensored version are not compatible and the action camera related achievements are replaced with achievements which reward shooting off enemy helmets. In the manual the word "Nazi" and one in-game reference to the Hitler Youth were removed. A detailed list of all changes can be found on (German)

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