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Frogger: Helmet Chaos

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AceGamez (9 out of 10)

The Nintendo DS and Frogger seem to make an excellent pair. Although not all of the DS's features are utilised (mainly the touch screen), the challenging gameplay and DS download function more than make up for this. Also, if you already have Frogger: Ancient Shadow for the Gamecube, you may use codes obtained here to unlock new features and vice-versa. Put simply, Frogger: Helmet Chaos is purely a fun title that can suck up much of your free time while also exercising your puzzle solving skills.

2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Wham! gaming (9 out of 10)

Regardless, it's the story mode that is the main attraction in Frogger: Helmen Chaos. It's a treat to play something so fresh, and yet so (often frustratingly) familiar. Helmet Chaos strikes the perfect balance between its 20th Century lineage and gameplay for today.

Nov 4th, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

GameSpot (7.2 out of 10)

No matter which version you get, if the concept of a 3D platformer built around the classic Frogger play mechanics appeals to you, you'll probably be pleased with Frogger: Helmet Chaos.

Oct 8th, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Game Critics (7 out of 10)

Helmet Chaos is a credit to the Frogger series, and a very entertaining game in its own right. It has no depth, no consequence, and five minutes after finishing it, most players will let it slip from their minds. It's just about the perfect casual game, just right for people who are looking to kill ten or fifteen minutes at a time dodging dinosaurs and snacking on flies. Really, there's only one thing wrong with it—for some reason, Helmet Chaos doesn't feature one of the series' de rigeur highway-crossing sequences. That's right, the thing that defines the franchise is missing here. I suppose it's a credit to the game's design, though, that I didn't even notice it was missing until I sat down to write this review.

Apr 5th, 2006 · Nintendo DS · read review

IGN (6.8 out of 10)

Neither version of the game pushes the handheld hardware -- the PSP lacks a console-like FMV presentation, for example, and there isn't a whole lot of unique dual-screen/touch-screen elements at work on the Nintendo DS build. It's just a very straightforward game design that, even with its rigid quirks, is more fun than it is impressive. The multiplayer focus outside of the main adventure is a good driving force to unlock them, and their additions definitely increase the game's replay value both in and out of the main single player experience. The game's a solid portable title -- just don't expect to be overwhelmed with something new or unique.

Oct 10th, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Portable Review (27 out of 40)

In the end, Frogger: Helmet Chaos is merely an average platformer that is annoying to listen to for too long a stretch of time. If you were a fan of the original, then it might be worth picking up if only for a new twist on an old concept. Still, it is entertaining enough to warrant a playthrough, but only on mute.

Jul 29th, 2006 · Nintendo DS · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (13 out of 20)

En adaptant le principe de base de Frogger (une grenouille qui se dĂ©place par petits bonds successifs), mais en l'enrichissant par un gameplay un peu plus riche et fouillĂ©, Konami obtient un jeu Ă  mi chemin entre l'arcade et la rĂ©flexion. Dans le genre, c'est plutĂŽt bien fait, mĂȘme s'il est vrai que la jouabilitĂ© ne plaira pas Ă  tout le monde.

Feb 21st, 2006 · Nintendo DS · read review

GameBump/Gaming Horizon (6.4 out of 10)

Frogger: Helmet Chaos certainly seems to be directed towards a younger gaming audience with its colorful environments, cute characters and simple controls. The game is pretty childish with a straightforward story mode and a nice selection of multiplayer games. The problem is that I found neither part very engaging. The gameplay gets tedious and boring after a short while of play. Beyond that, the game just doesn’t do anything new for the platform genre and thus I’d say Frogger is no more than an average title.

Oct 19th, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

GameZone (6.2 out of 10)

As with the other Frogger titles, the main game is a giant maze. Levels are solid in length, interesting in layout, and have a number of challenges that, when the control system fails, come off as being cheap and frustrating. On those times when it doesn't fail, or when you get really lucky, Helmet Chaos is a fun game. A fun game within the context of platform hopping and running away from anything that moves. Frogger is billed as an adventure and is being promoted to kids, but you won't be able to find an eight-year-old that has the patience to play it. Adult gamers who have a history with the series will get a kick out of some of it – that's the only market I'd begin to recommend this game to.

Oct 30th, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Kombo.com (6 out of 10)

Frustrating controls, boring level design, and an apparent misunderstanding about target markets mean this game will not be very fun for most people. Some might enjoy getting through the painful levels - just to prove they can - but most other gamers will find much better things to do with their time.

Nov 3rd, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

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