Dead Space

[ PlayStation 3 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox 360 ]

Xbox 360 credits (2008)

603 people (439 professional roles, 164 thanks) with 604 credits.

Dead Space - An EA Redwood Shores Production

Executive Producer
Senior Development Director
Creative Director
Art Director
Production Designer
Audio Director


Design Development Director
Level Design Lead
Senior Gameplay Designer
Senior Level Designer
Level Designers
Additional Design


Lead Engineer
Lead Gameplay Engineer
Senior Gameplay Engineering
Gameplay Engineering
Senior Core Engineering
Core Engineering
Audio Engineering
Build Engineering

EA Melbourne

Senior Engineer

Additional Engineering

Development Director - Engineering
Technical Director
Neo Tools Team
Hypnos Entertainment
Additional Engineering


Senior Producers
Talent Producers
Associate Producer
Assistant Producers
Administrative Assistant


Development Manager - Characters & Animation
Character Art Lead
Senior Character Artist
Animation Director
Cinematic Animation Lead
Senior Animators
Development Manager - Environments
Associate Art Director - Environments
Environment Art Lead
Senior Environment Artists
Environment Artists
Associate Environment Artists
Assistant Environment Artists
Additional Environment Art
Development Director - Outsourcing
Development Manager - Outsourcing
Development Manager - Lighting & VFX
Lead Visual Effects Artist
Visual Effects Artists
Lighting Supervisor
Lead Technical Art Director
Character Technical Director
Character Rigger
Senior Technical Artist
Technical Artist
Associate Technical Artist
QA Technical Artist
User Interface Designer
User Interface Artist
Concept Artists


Sound Designers
Assistant Sound Designers
Music Composed and Conducted by
in association with
Dialog Supervisor
Additional Sound Design


Featured Cast
Voiceover Talent


Video Post-Production Director and Designer
Video Editor and Compositor

Additional Art - EA Shanghai

Project Manager
Development Director
Production Coordinator
Associate Artists
Assistant Artists
Technical Artist

Additional Art - Mindwalk Studios

Lead Character Artist
Lead Environment Artist
Lead Object Artist
Character Artists
Environment Artists
Object Artists
Special Thanks

Executive Thanks

EA Games President
EA Games Senior Vice President


Senior Global VP, EA Games Label Marketing
VP, EA Redwood Shores Marketing
Global Product Manager
Associate Product Manager
International Product Manager
International Marketing Manager
APAC Product Manager
Senior Publicist
Senior Public Relations Manager
Online Marketing Manager
Community Manager
Senior Advertising Manager
Marketing Intern
Belgian Product Manager
French Product Manager
French Public Relations
German Product Manager
German Public Relations
Italian Product Manager
Italian Public Relations
Spanish Product Manager
Russian Product Manager
Russian Public Relations
UK Product Manager
UK Public Relations
Senior Campaign Manager
International Campaign Executive
In Memory


International Project Managers
Audio Engineers
Integration Engineers
Senior Localization Testing Project Manager
Junior Localization Testing Project Manager
Senior Localization Testers
Localization Testers
Czech Localization Coordinator
Czech Translator
  • CEET
French Localization Coordinator
French Translator
German Localization Coordinator
German Translator
Hungarian Localization Coordinator
Hungarian Translator
  • Consell Pannonia Ltd.
Italian Localization Coordinator
Italian Translator
  • Synthesis International S.r.l.
Polish Localization Coordinator
Polish Translator
  • Roboto Translation
Russian Localization Coordinator
Russian Translator
Spanish Localization Coordinator
Spanish Translator

Quality Assurance

Senior QA Director
Senior QA Manager
QA Manager
QA Franchise Lead

QA Embedded Team

Development Senior QA Test Leads
QA Tools
Development QA Assistant Lead
Development QA Testers

Core QA Team

Senior QA Test Lead
QA Assistant Leads
QA Testers

VMC India

Senior Test Leads
Test Lead
Assistant Test Leads
QA Testers

QA Support

QA Shared Services Manager
QA Compliance Leads
QA Compliance Testers
QA Database Administrator
QA Support Hardware
QA Administrative Assistant


EA Support Organizations
  • EA CAT Lab
  • EA Certification Team
  • EA Mastering Lab
  • EAC Game Lab
  • EARS Game Lab
  • EA Desktop Support
  • EAC Motion Capture Services
Special Thanks
Special thanks to the Crewmembers serving since the christening of the USG Ishimura
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MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from
  • Fraunhofer IIS
  • THOMSON Multimedia
This product contains software technology licensed from
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