Away: Shuffle Dungeon

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Nintendo DS credits (2008)

106 people (95 professional roles, 11 thanks) with 107 credits.


Character Design
Main Theme Composer
Project Manager
Art Director
2D, 3D Character Designers
Character Motion Artist
3D Background Designer
2D, 3D Background Designer
2D Background Designer
Interface Designer
Movie CG Artists
Lead Programmer
Sound Director
Sound Design Manager
Music & Sound Design
Sound Creator
Rainbow Strings Sound Design
  • Whogon [Dog Ear Records]
Main Theme & Rainbow Strings Product Management
  • Dog Ear Records Co. Ltd.

Majesco Entertainment Credits

Creative Director
Product Development Manager
New Product Development
Art Director
Director of Marketing
Senior Product Manager
Marketing Coordinator
Director of Creative Services
SVP of Publishing
SVP of Business and Legal Affairs
Director of Technology
IT Manager
QA Manager
Project Lead
Lead Testers

Mistwalker Staff

Marketing Producer
Development Supports

AQ Interactive Staff

Advertisement Planning Executive
Advertisement Planning
Domestic & Overseas Marketing Executive
Domestic Marketing Manager
Domestic Marketing
Overseas Marketing Manager
Overseas Marketing
Development Business Manager
Development Business

Additional Credits

Executive Producer
Special Thanks
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Credits contributed by Patrick Bregger.