Dogfight 2: The Great War


Dogfight 2: The Great War is the sequel to Dogfight: The Great War, but this time around the player takes control of the German Luftwaffe and can engage against the Allied Air Force and their ground support.

There are 19 missions in all ranging from simple shooting missions to eliminating enemy bombers, AA guns even a convoy of Allied personnel or protect the German base from incoming Allied bombers.

There are new features to this sequel such as additional targets (rolling AA trucks and tethered blimps) and only starting with five lives (the previous version had unlimited continues). A scoring system has also been added, where points can be picked up by shooting down enemy planes, destroying ground targets or parachuting pilots. There is also a multiplier that increases after each successful mission, however once the player either crashes or is shot down the multiplier will reset.

There are also added controls, the "Left and Right" Arrow keys can be used in conjunction with the "Up and Down" Arrow. The "Left" arrow can be used to fly upwards while the "Right" Arrow will dive the plane. Bombs have also been added that can be used by hitting the "Shift" button.

Among these new features are the "Ace Tactics", four total (Cloud Cover, Dive, Evasive Loop and Low Level) that can be utilized to confuse pursuing enemies and give the player an advantage in counterattacking them.

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