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Mirror's Edge

[ PlayStation 3 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox 360 ]

Windows credits (2009)

485 People (451 developers, 34 thanks)

DICE Studio

Senior Producer
Senior Development Director
Lead Designer
Art Director
Technical Director
Technical Art Director
Audio Director
Development Directors
2D Artist
Lead Animator
3D Artists
Character Artist
Concept Artists
Effects Artist
Level Artists
Lighting Artists
Technical Artists
Outsourcing Artist
AI Programmers
Build Engineer
Gameplay Programmers
Lead Programmer
Lead Platform Programmer
Online Programmers
Rendering Programmer
UI Programmers
Game Designers
Lead UI Designer
Level Designers
Online Producer
VO Producer
QA Lead
Embedded Testers
Additional 2D Art
Additional 3D Art
Additional Animation
Additional Character Art
Additional Effects
Additional Lighting
Additional Sound Design
Additional Sound
Additional Programming
Additional Narrative Design
Additional Production
Writer & Co-Story Designer
Motion Capture Services
  • Northern Mocap Studios AB
2D Cutscenes
  • Chase Imagnination Limited
"Still Alive" Composed by
"Still Alive" Lyrics by
"Still Alive" Performed by
Soundtrack Composed by
Soundtrack Performed by
  • Solar Fields
Foley Artist
  • Pearl Digital Entertainment
  • Sting Luo (EA Shanghai)
General Manager
Financial Manager
Head of Art
Head of Audio
Head of Programming
Head of Outsourcing & Localization
PR Manager
Localization Dev Manager
Outsourcing Dev Manager
Operations Dev Director
Additional Video & Art
Live Support
Marketing & PR
IT Services

Voice Actors

Travis RB
Generic SWAT #1 Male
Generic SWAT #2 Male

EA Studio

EA Europe Senior VP
EA Europe VP Marketing
EA Europe CFO
EA Europe Director Business Development
Executive Music Producer
Senior Music Supervisor
Music Marketing Coordinator
Music Licensing Manager
Marketing & PR
Japan Marketing
Taiwan Marketing
China Marketing
Korea Marketing
Localization Project Manager Europe
Localization Project Managers Asia
Assistant Localization Producer Europe
Localization Director Japan
Localization Coordinators France
Localization Coordinators Italy
Localization Coordinator Germany
Localization Coordinator Spain
Localization Coordinators Brazil
Localization Coordinators Poland
Localization Coordinator Hungary
Localization Coordinator Czech Republic
Localization Coordinator Russia
Localization Producer Japan
Localization Producers Korea
Localization Producer China
Localization Producer Taiwan
Localization Sound Engineers
Senior Lead Localization Integration Engineers
Localization Project Lead
Localization Technical Lead
Localization Integration Engineers
Localization Testing Project Managers
Localization Senior Testers
Localization Testers
QA Leads
QA Testers
LQA Leads
LQA Testers
Localization Translators
Localization Sound Designers
Localization Software Engineering
Mastering Japan
Mastering Singapore
UK QA Director
Senior Black Box Test Manager
Black Box Test Manager
Black Box Test Leads
UK Testers
Romania QA Manager
Romania Project Manager
Romania Project Leads
Romania Test Lead
Romania Testers
Tiberon Test Team Senior Lead
Tiberon Test Team Leads
Tiberon Testers
Technical Compliance Team
Technical Compliance Testers
UK QA Process Manager
UK QA Process Analyst
UK QA Tools Manager
UK QA Live Test Manager
UK QA Lead Technician
UK QA Technician
UK HR Coordinator
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