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Emperor: Battle for Dune

aka: Dune 3, EBfD, Empereur: La Bataille pour Dune, Emperor: Schlacht um Dune
Moby ID: 3777

Windows Patches


v1.06 patch (370.51 KB) - fixed a CD checking problem with quickmatch games, fixed an issue where buddies would disappear off the buddy list while editing the list, improved menu item selection on the menu screens, multiplayer maps are now sorted by the number of players, fixed a problem where your multiplayer house and sub-house preferences were not being remembered by the game, fixed an issue with a player having the ability to retreat after they were defeated in a multiplayer game, fixed a problem where quickmatch would send incorrect client information to the matching bot when asking for a match, fixed an issue with players not returning to the lobby at the same time after completing a multiplayer game, added clan and rank info to the tooltips in the Westwood Online screens


v1.07 patch (545.93 KB) - a prompt now appears to confirm you wish to leave the campaign, fixed a bug where LAN game setup screen could be changed without other players agreeing to it, pressing a group key # twice will center the screen on that group (same as Alt+Group#), you can 'Attack Move' by using Ctrl+Shift when selecting a movement destination, you can now right-click your cursor on the radar map in upper right-hand corner and the camera will move to that part of the game map, subtitles will appear again on the movies (a bug in v1.06 had disabled them), you may now whisper to another player in the chat lobby, you may now choose your house & sub-house preference for quickmatch games, the Westwood Online custom lobby will now refresh open games when you return from the chat area, WOL lobbies now update pings more frequently, and defaults to a ‘?’ instead of 1000.


Installation fix (SafeDisc removal for setup and game executables)


v1.08 patch (5.45 MB) - extensive multiplayer improvements, new multiplayer maps can now be downloaded separately and placed in the Maps subdirectory, game load times are now a bit faster, you can now hide the side-bar interface during gameplay by pressing the ‘/’ key, you can now select multiple teams by pressing the first team # and then holding Shift and the next team number, Construction Yards can now set a rally point for all reinforcements to go to, you can now set refinery rally points by selecting the refinery and clicking on a spice field anywhere on the map, Deviators & Leeches will no longer continue shooting at units which are already effected by their bullet, host screens now support random house selection for AI and players, fixed a bug where the AI would sometimes get 3 sub-houses, Atreides Air Drones will no longer be able to out-run missiles, and their speed & armor have been decreased; Harkonnen Devestators now fire a modified plasma bullet which has splash damage


v1.09 patch (5.57 MB) - added support for custom maps, full rooms in the Westwood Online lobby now appear in a gray color

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