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Windows credits (1998)

314 People (161 developers, 153 thanks)

Game Design
  • Blizzard Entertainment
Executive Producer
Lead Design
Lead Programming
Additional Programming
Campaign Editor
Battle.net Programming
Installer Programming
Art Directors
3D Artwork
Technical Artists
Director of Blizzard Film
Cinematic Directors
Cinematic 3D Artists
Cinematic Technical Artist/Video Engineer
Storyboard Artists
Audio Producers
Additional Music
Sound Design
Voice Production, Direction & Casting
Recording Engineer
Script & Story
Strike Team
Associate Producer
Scenario Design
Scenario Layout
Manual Design & Layout
Manual Artwork
Box Artwork
Box Design
Help File Design and Layout
Director of Operations
Director of Support Services
QA Manager
Lead Tester
Assistant Lead Tester
QA Analysts
Additional Testing
Hardware Specialist
Lead Technical Support
Technical Support
Online Support
Office Administration
Executive Dunsel
Localization Producers
Globalization Manager
Localization Coordinator
Localization QA
Localization Engineer
Localization Support
Localization Graphics and Design
Information Systems Manager
Information Systems
Public Relations
Business Development
Legal Counsel
U.S. Sales
International Sales
Direct Sales
Battle.net Hosting Partners
  • GlobalCenter
  • MindSpring
  • Exodus
  • Multiplay
Thanks To (in no particular order)
Thanks To #tfarcrats
Special Thanks To
Localisation - German Translation
Localisation - German Text Editorial
Localisation - German Manual Setting
Localisation - German Voice Recording
  • Violet Studios

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