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Call of Duty: World at War

aka: COD5, COD: WAW, Call of Duty 5

[ PlayStation 3 ] [ Wii ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox 360 ]

Wii credits (2008)

709 People (629 developers, 80 thanks)

Treyarch, Production

Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Platform Lead
Associate Producers
Production Coordinators
Build Manager
Additional Production Support


Project Technical Director
Technical Director
Senior Director of Technology, Online
Technical Directors, Co-op
Project Lead Engineer
Lead Engineer, Online
Senior Engineers
Junior Engineer
Engineering Interns
Additional Engineering


Audio Director
Senior Sound Designer
Sound Designers
Additional Sound Design
Audio Engineer
Audio Production Tester
Additional Audio Support


Creative Director
Story and Script
Design Director, Multiplayer
Lead Game Designers
Lead Level Scripter
Senior Level Scripters
Level Scripters
Junior Level Scripters
Lead Level Builders
Senior Level Builders
Level Builders
Junior Level Builders
Design Assistant
Writing Consultant
Military Advisor
Additional Creative Direction
Additional Design


Art Director
Lead Artist
Lighting Director
Lead Technical Artist
Senior Technical Artist
Lead Effects Artist
Effects Artists
Lead Environment
Environment Artists
Lead Character Artist
Character Artists
Lead Vehicle / Weapon Artist
Vehicle / Weapon Artists
Multiplayer Artist
Concept Artist
UI Artist
Additional Artwork


Animation Director
Lead Animator
Additional Animation

Treyarch Staff

Studio Head
Vice President
Chief Technology Officer
Studio Creative Director
Studio Audio Director
Community Manager
Director of Operations
Senior IT Manager
IT Technicians
Human Resources
Office Manager
Senior Recruiter
Associate Recruiter
Office Coordinator
Director, Tools & Libraries
Associate Producer, Tools & Libraries

Production Testing

Production Test Manager
TRG Lead
Project Test Lead
Production Floor Leads
Production Testers


Sgt. Reznov
Sgt. Roebuck
Pvt. Chernov
Sgt. Sullivan
Pvt. Polonsky
The Commissar
American Voice Over
Russian Voice Over
German Voice Over
Japanese Voice Over
Japanese Officer
Japanese Announcer
Casting and Voice Direction
Voice Over Editorial and Post
Recording Engineer
Recording Studios
  • Salami Studios
  • Margarita Mix Hollywood
Music Preparations
Score Pre-Record Preparation
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by
Recorded at
  • Barrandov Studios - Smecky Music Studios
Orchestral Contractor
Original Music Composer
Guitar Arrangements
World at War Remix
Battle Chatter Writters
Japanese Translator
German Translator

Activision Capture Studio

Motion Capture Director
Motion Capture Supervisor
Motion Capture Lead
Production Coordinator
Data Capture Supervisor
Data Capture Personnel
Set Construction
Reference Video
Scan Technicians
Marker Cleanup
  • Animation Vertigo
Craft Services

Additional Development

Certain Affinity
Certain Affinity Special Thanks
SPOV Special Thanks
Additional Development on 'Blowtorch and Corkscrew' by Pi Studios
EXAKT Entertainment, Inc.


Senior Producer
Associate Producers
Production Coordinator
Production Tester
Production Intern
Executive Producer
Vice President, Production
SVP Technology, CTO
SVP, Production & Development WW Studios

Global Brand Management

Global Brand Manager
Associate Brand Managers
GBM Special Thanks
Sr. Director of Marketing
VP, Owned Properties

Public Relations

PR Manager
Junior Publicist
PR Director, Owned Properties

Production Services - Europe

Senior Localization Project Manager
Localization Co-ordinators
Localization QA Manager
Localization QA Lead
Localization QA Floor Leads
Localization QA Testers
Burn Lab Technicians
Localization Tools & Support Provided by
Director of Production Services - Europe

Central Technology

Senior Director of Technology

Central Design

Senior Director of Game Design
Central Design, Lead Combat Designer
Manager, Central User Testing
Central Design

Talent & Audio Management Group

Director of Central Audio
Audio Coordinator
Talent Manager

Marketing Communications

Senior Director, Marketing Communications
Marketing Communications Manager
Marketing Communications Coordinator

Art Services

Art Services Manager
Art Services

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Quality Assurance

VP Quality Assurance / Customer Service
Director, Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance, Functionality

QA Project Lead
QA Floor Lead
QA Database Manager
QA Testers
QA Senior Project Lead
QA Manager
QA Project Lead, Nightshift
QA Floor Lead, Nightshift
QA Testers, Nightshift
QA Senior Project Lead, Nightshift
QA Manager, Nightshift

Technical Requirements Group

TRG Senior Manager
TRG Submissions Lead
TRG Senior Platform Leads
TRG Platform Leads
TRG Testers

QA Network Lab

Manager, QA Operations
QA Network Lab Senior Project Lead
QA Network Lab Testers

QA Multiplayer Lab

QA-MPL Project Lead
QA-MPL Floor Lead
QA-MPL Testers

QA Audio Visual Lab

QA-AVL Project Lead
QA-AVL Tester


Senior Manager, QA Technologies
QA-MIS Manager
QA-MIS Technicians
QA-MIS Web Developer
QA-MIS Equipment Coordinators

QA Burnroom

Burn Room Technicians

QA DBA Group

Senior Lead Database Administrator
Lead Database Administrator
DBA Senior Testers
DBA Testers
Customer Support Managers
QA Special Thanks


  • Dedicated to the veterans of World War II who sacrificed their lives for the preservation of liberty.
Manual Design
  • Ignited LLC
Packaging Design
  • Petrol
  • Uses Bink Video. Copyright ¬© 1997-2008 by RAD Game Tools Inc.
  • T26 Digital Type Foundry
  • Monotype Imaging
  • The characters and events depicted in this game are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons; living or dead; is purely coincidental.
Call of Duty: World At War Mixed and Mastered by
  • Treyarch Audio: CoD Team
Special thanks to Len Hayes and the First Marine Division Veterans' Association and the following veterans for sharing their stories and insight:

Business Development

Business Development

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