Animal Crossing: City Folk

aka: Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City, Machi he Ikou: Doubutsu no Mori
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Animal Crossing: City Folk is the Wii incarnation of the Animal Crossing series. As in the previous version, players assume the role of a new resident in a town populated and run by animals. Players can interact with townsfolk, write letters, send presents, dig for fossils, fish, catch bugs, etc... Time in the game uses the internal Wii's clock and calendar. As such, time and seasons happen at the same time as in real life. Therefore, some events only happen at a certain day of the week, or even on special days in the year (such as Christmas on December 25th).

Additions include a city center, with some new shops and some others which were already in the previous instalments. The game also uses the Wi-Fi connection with the classical Nintendo's "codes": players are able to visit their friend's village. The game is compatible with the Wii Speak system, which means players can use the microphone to speak with each other.


  • 街へいこうよ どうぶつの森 - Japanese spelling
  • 타운으로 놀러가요 동물의 숲 - Korean spelling

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Mr Resetti

Mr Resetti is a character in the game who will appear outside the player's house and lecture them if they turn off their game without saving ("reset"). He has also appeared in all previous games.

Don Resetti

Mr Resetti's older brother Don appears for the first time since the GameCube release. He will appear if the player resets 5 times.

Fake Reset

If the player resets their game 8 times, Mr Resetti will pretend to delete their town data. He will tell the player that since they like resetting so much he will do it for them. The screen then fades to black before the game fades back to Mr Resetti, who will yell "GOTCHA!" at the player before telling them that this is their final warning. Despite this, the player can continue to reset, and Resetti will repeat his previous dialogue. There is a widely believed rumour that resetting the game 50 times in the European version will cause him to actually delete your town data, but this has been proven false.

Reset Surveillance Center

When the player enters the city, there is a tunnel to the right that is normally blocked off by traffic cones. If the player enters the city after 8PM, there is a rare chance that the traffic cones might have moved, allowing them to enter the Reset Surveillance Center, home to Mr Resetti and his brother Don. Upon first entry, Mr Resetti will be by himself, and will tell the player to leave and not to tell anyone about it, before giving them the silver shovel (an upgraded version of the shovel) as a bribe to keep them quiet. When leaving, the traffic cones will always move back to their original position, blocking the player from accessing it. If the player is able to enter a second time, both Resetti and Don will be present, and talking to them triggers a cutscene in which an alarm goes off; Resetti will yell "We got a reset! Code 64!" in reference to the Nintendo 64 but being launched away. Interestingly, half-way through this cutscene the dialogue boxes will start showing the wrong character names; Resetti's dialogue will be displayed as Don's and Don's will be displayed as Resetti's.


The European instruction manual includes a warning to parents, saying that Mr Resetti may disturb some young children.

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