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MaBoShi's Arcade

aka: Katachi no Game: Maru Bou Shikaku, MaBoShi: Drei-Formen-Action, MaBoShi: El arcade de las tres formas, MaBoShi: L'arcade delle tre forme, MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade, MaBoShi: l'arcade des trois formes

Wii credits (2008)

34 People (29 developers, 5 thanks)

Staff Credits

System Design
Game Design
European Localisation
NOE Localisation Management
  • DIGITAL Hearts CO. LTD
  • Super Mario Club
  • Shigeo Kimura
  • NOA Product Testing
  • NOE Testing Team
Project Management
Special Thanks
Executive Producer
All Rights, including the copyrights of Game, Scenario, Music and Program reserved by
  • Nintendo
  • Mindware

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