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Shattered Steel

aka: Shattered Steel: Liberation of Lanios

[ DOS ] [ Macintosh ] [ Windows ]

DOS credits (1996)

100 People


Interplay Productions

Executive Producer
Associate Producer
3D Art Director
Concept Art
Game Design
Game Score
Cinematic Score
Cinematic SFX
Game SFX
VO Studio
  • Marc Graue Studios; Burbank
VO / ADR Co-Ordination
Voice Mastering
Voice Editing
Voice FX
Audio Assistance
Audio Director
Director of Quality Assurance
Assistant Director of QA
Director of Compatibility
Lead Tester
I.S. Technicians
Compatibility Technicians
Marketing Manager
Public Relations
Graphic Design


President and Joint-CEO
CFO and Joint-CEO
COO and Joint-CEO
Game Design
  • Everyone
Lead Programmer
Program Design
Graphics Programming
Utility Programming
Interface Programming
Creature Programming
Hardware Programming
Sound Programming
Multi-Player Programming
Programming Guru and Advisor
Lead 3D Artist
3D Art
Lead 2D Artist
2D Art
Concept Art
Creature Design
Creature Animation
Mission Design
Also General Swell Artist
Manual Writing
A Special Thanks for Original Graphics Engine Design
  • Bio Ware acknowledges the contribution of Pyrotek Game Studios in the initial development of Shattered Steel.

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