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Alone in the Dark Credits

38 people (32 developers, 6 thanks)


Producer Vincent DeNardo
DirectorFrédérick Raynal
ScreenplayHubert Chardot, Franck Manzetti, Frederic Cornet, Christian Nabais
ProgrammingKrisalis Software Ltd.
Original ProgrammingFranck De Girolami, Frédérick Raynal
2D GraphicsYaél Barroz, Jean-Marc Torroella
3D GraphicsDidier Chanfray
AnimationDidier Chanfray
Original MusicPhilippe Vachey
Original SFXPhilippe Vachey
Casting DirectorLisa Wasserman
Voices Recorded atJEL Recording Studios - Newport Beach CA
Produced byInfogrames
Directed byFranck De Girolami
First AssistantVincent Terraillon
Production DesignerPatrick Charpenet
Scenario CodingChristiane Sgorlon, Christophe Nazaret
AnimationsFrederique Bourgin, Jean-Marie Nazaret
SettingsJean-Christophe Blanc, Christophe Anton
MusicFrédéric Mentzen
SoundsFrédéric Mentzen
PublishingOlivier Robin, Edith Protiere
Game ManualLarry Fukuoka
3DO TestingScott McKelvey, Nina Levitin, Ryan Rucinski, Raphael Hernandez
TranslationsBeate Vigliano-Reiter
Special thanks toBruno Bonnell, Eric Mottet, Olivier Goulay, Norbert Cellier, Rebecca Ann Heineman, Sasha

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Credits for this game were contributed by Indra was here (20902) and formercontrib (158611)

antstream tournament