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Ballz: The Director's Cut 3DO Oh boy.  You're going to do this the whole time, aren't you?


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Ballz: The Director's Cut Credits

47 people (34 developers, 13 thanks)


Lead ProgrammingLeslie Hedger, William B. Norris IV
ShellAndre Burgoyne
SoundJoel Dubiner
Additional ProgrammingKeith Kirby, David Feldman, Brad McKee, Kevin T. Seghetti
Original Shell DesignWilliam B. Norris IV


ProducerJonathan Shambroom
Executive ProducerTed Barnett, David Feldman, John Scull
Game DesignKeith Kirby
Game ConceptKeith Kirby


Art DirectionCharles Hacskaylo
Shell ArtCharles Hacskaylo
Arena BackgroundsChris Donovan, Trevor Grimshaw, Charles Hacskaylo


Character AnimationTroy Bargatze, Adam Frank, Chris Fregien, Will Friedewald, Kyle Kirby, Frank M. Saxon Jr.
Scoreboard AnimationChris Donovan, Trevor Grimshaw, Charles Hacskaylo, Dan Lopez, Lisa Wong


Original Character SongsKurt Harland Larson (of Information Society), Ted Hommel, Brendan McCarthy, Aaron Winett

Sound FX

Sound FXKurt Harland Larson
Voice over FXLeslie Hedger, Sean Owens, Mari Thomas


Lead TesterMike Palser
Additional TestingAlan Balodis, Tom Teuscher (Aaahhh yeah)
Production AssistantTravis Boatman


Marketing DirectorSteven Feuling
Product MarketingBrooke Boynton

Special Thanks To...

Special thanks toRob Fulop, Jim Guerard, Beth Kaufman, Mark Miller, Cory Smith, The 3DO Company, Cave Logic Studios Ltd, Crystal Dynamics, Panasonic Software

Extra Special Thanks

Extra Special ThanksJennifer Akfirat, Karylee Feldman, Theresa Hedger, Johanna Neaderhouser

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158050) and BurningStickMan (18026)

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