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atari adventure
Battlesport 3DO CG intro. It's the sport... of the future!



Battlesport Credits

14 people


Lead ProgrammersHeli Burgess, Kerry Moffitt
Lead ArtistMaarten Kraaijvanger
DirectorEvan Margolin
Game DesignHelmut Kobler, Evan Margolin
ProducerRich Shane
Assistant ProducerScott Walker
Additional ProgrammingSubha Ghoshal, Eddie Ruvinsky, Al Chang
Additional DesignMaarten Kraaijvanger, Michael A. Khoury, Jason Deal
Level LayoutMaarten Kraaijvanger, Michael A. Khoury, Jason Deal
Cinematic AnimationTodd Erickson
Cinematic MusicTodd Erickson
Sound DesignTodd Erickson
Additional Cinematic ModelingMaarten Kraaijvanger
StoryboardsTodd Erickson, Helmut Kobler, Evan Margolin
Script WritingEvan Margolin
Annoucer's VoiceDavid Kazanjian

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jon Cortelyou (36) and formercontrib (158030)

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