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Blade Force Credits (3DO)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Blade Force Credits

Development Team

Executive ProducerTrip Hawkins
ProducersRobert Lindsey, Gregory A. Gorsiski
Project DirectorGregory A. Gorsiski
Game DesignerGregory A. Gorsiski
Technical Director - Game Architecture, 3D Game EngineBill Budge
Technical Director - Game Logic, Enemy AI, 3D Sound, Game DesignOren Tversky
Art DirectorEase
Cinematic DesignerEase
Production ManagerMichelle Breiner
Level DesignersGregory A. Gorsiski, Oren Tversky, Michelle Breiner, Brad Engstrand
ProgrammerFrank Sandoval
Shell DesignFrank Sandoval
2D ArtistPaul Xander
Lead 3D ArtistsVince Arroyo, Rebecca Chow
Music ScoreNick Lockwood
Sound DesignJeff Sutherland
Voice TalentBruce Robertson
Story ContentEase, Gregory A. Gorsiski, Kerry Kirkham, Michael Humes
Post ProductionBrad Engstrand, Jeff Sutherland

Special Thanks

Special ThanksLee Marrs, Chris Downend, Ike Feldman, Shuang Li, Mark Holtz
For additional Producer-type work and being the complaint departmentJoe Ybarra
For additional ideas and helpPhil Burk, Robert Vieira
EZFlix GuruGreg Wallace
DACS Gurus3DO DACS and Support Staff
CyberWare GuressRhea Tombropolous
Guru GuruScott Walker
Paper GuressMary Margaret Ipser Walker
BubbaRadd Youngblood

BladeForce Testers

Lead TestersDaryl Allison, David Fruin
Main TestersMaria Harrell, Alvin Muolic
TestersJustin Bates, Harry Chavez, Greg Eichner, Casey Grimm, Kerry Kirkham, Sherman Lewis, Shauna Ratliff, Alan Downey, Chris Colon, Roger W. Faso

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (217772)