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GamePro (US) (Dec, 1994)
Although it's not Shock Wave, it's still worth a test flight. At the Hard difficulty setting, that flight won't end soon, either. Warm up your thumbs, space aces, and blast off with Burning Soldier. It's blazin' fun.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 08, 2007)
Burning Soldier has frequent cut-scenes which cannot be skipped, but they are mercifully brief. The game offers endless continues, but you'll need to turn on the "score" option if you want some way to gauge your progress. Easy on the eyes and easy to play, Burning Soldier is one bargain bin title that's worthy of a spot in any 3DO collection.
Oldies Rising (Aug 06, 2008)
Burning Soldier s’impose comme un shoot particulièrement défoulant, qui ne pourra que satisfaire les amateurs du genre voyant là un défi à la hauteur de leurs capacités compte tenu de l’extrême difficulté du titre. Loin d’être parfait, il revêt malgré tout quelques aspects intéressants qui ne les laisseront pas indifférents et les pousseront à s’adonner au shoot massif d’aliens sans la moindre retenue. Probablement l’un des meilleurs jeux du genre sur 3DO, malheureusement handicapé par une durée de vie beaucoup trop courte. Dommage…
I think the game looks great, but as a shooter it isn't that fun, due to the linear forward scrolling. Die-hard shooter fans may not think it is intense enough, but it does look hot.
Video Games (Apr, 1995)
Im Zweispieler-Modus dieses durchschnittlichen Shooters tretet Ihr zusammen gegen die Kaisertians an.
Game Zero (Mar, 1996)
A pretty standard fixed flight shooter. I was actually having problems with the skill level on this game until I whipped out my auto-fire controller... then I just walked through the game. Really good graphics make this game a good playthough once, but after you're done with it, the replay value is about nil. Sound and music in the game are actually pretty decent (although some of the songs boarder on cheesy), and carry you through the game well. Playcontrol is a struggle at best with a standard controller, and I did not like the fact that while you're trying to charge up your missiles for firing, you can't use your lasers. This little flaw made the missiles about useless. Two-player mode is interesting, and has it's share of pluses and minuses, one of the pluses being that you can have one person focus on the enemies, and another one focus on taking out incoming missiles... a minus is that each player only has half the shot power of a one-player game, and nobody has missiles!