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GamePro (US) (Mar, 1996)
The move-and-shoot controls are very responsive and the simple visuals and music are well done. This is one puzzler that isn't a bust.
Game Zero (Dec, 1995)
This game is a lot of fun in two-player mode, be it against the computer or against a friend. But, one-player mode really sucks. Unfortunately I've never played the arcade version of this game, so I can't really make a comparison on that item. As far as graphics go, this game seems to run in a very high interlaced resolution, giving you super fine graphics, but causing the screen to vibrate slightly (personally this doesn't bother me, but some people I know can't tolerate the vibrating). As for sound... gameplay sound is fine, but the soundtrack bites it big. The music is cute for about the first bazillion rounds and then you want to just yell for it to stop (so play with other music on your stereo is possible). If you're really into puzzle games, this title offers a bit of variety for you, otherwise I can't see this game as a real hot seller.