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Crime Patrol Screenshots (3DO)

User Screenshots

3DO version

*Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" starts playing*
Intro movie. You're not really in the SWAT team, are you?
More intro movie. Dude's on fire running out of the trailer. This will be the best game ever.
Title screen
Main menu. Shoot the location to select.
Department store. Busting in with our partner.
Shoot the robbers as they pop out.
Too slow. Killed by a guy with pantyhose on his head.
Careful now, this guy might not be surrendering!
Watch out, baddies show up in the background.
Shooting gallery location.
Your partner likes to bust into situations without waiting for backup.
Don't taze me bro!
Got him!
Didn't get him.
Third "gang war" location.
Ouch... right in the head.