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DeathKeep Credits

Lion Entertainment, Inc.

Executive ProducerDouglas Grounds
Produced byRonald Bolinger
Directed byRonald Bolinger
Technical DirectorBob Pendleton
Technical LeadGlen Merriman
ProgrammingGlen Merriman
ArtistsSara Farr, Cecile Rader, Kim LaCava, Daniel Bourbonnais, Rebecca Price
Dungeon DesignRonald Bolinger, Scott Hazel
CinematicsSara Farr, Clay Connally, Kim LaCava, Joan Crixell, Cecile Rader
Musical ScoreBilly Wolfe
VoicesRandy Tow
Sound EditingJoan Crixell
Additional ProgrammingBob Pendleton

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

DirectorBret Berry
ProducerJan Lindner
Associate ProducerJoshua M. Cloud
ManualJonathan Kromrey
Manual EditorMark Whisler
Test ManagerGlen A. Cureton
Lead TesterForrest Elam
Product TestersSean Wyman, Anathea Lopez
Additional SupportLee Crawford
Graphic Design and DTP: Louis Sakow DesignDavid Boudreau, Leedara Zola
Special Thanks toMaurice Jackson, Tena Lawry, 3DO
Cover Artwork byDavid Dorman

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158920) and MegamanX64 (16063)