Demolition Man Credits

Game Design

Original Game DesignJohn Alvarado, Brandon Humphreys, Noah Tool, Douglas W. Cope, Rebecca Allen
Final Game DesignJohn Alvarado, Ronald Mar, Gary Priest, Stuart Gregg, Barry J. S. Pringle, Douglas W. Cope, Willis Wong
Conceptual DesignBrandon Humphreys
Story BoardsBrandon Humphreys
Additional Story BoardsJulian A. Moran
Additional Game Design ContributionsMark Yamada, Noah Tool, Julian Rignall, Neil Young


Game ProgrammingJohn Alvarado, Ronald Mar
Sound Driver ProgrammingRonald Mar
Shooting Gallery Script ProgrammingStuart Gregg, Gary Priest, John Alvarado
Tools ProgrammingJohn Alvarado, Ronald Mar, Steve Heimstra


2D Game ArtBarry J. S. Pringle
2D Game AnimationBarry J. S. Pringle
Video Frame Capture for Game Play AnimationsBarry J. S. Pringle
Digital Touch Up of Video FramesBarry J. S. Pringle
Additional Digital Touch UpBrandon Humphreys
Photography for Game Play ArtBarry J. S. Pringle
3D ArtDouglas W. Cope, Willis Wong
3D AnimationDouglas W. Cope, Willis Wong
Additional 3D ArtBrandon Humphreys, Herman Cheng, Harold Buchman, David Lowe
Additional 3D AnimationBrandon Humphreys, Herman Cheng, Harold Buchman, David Lowe


Original Game MusicKeith Arem, Tommy Tallarico, Charlie Malone
Music Engineering and EditingKeith Arem
Additional EditingJoey Kuras
Game Sound EffectsJoey Kuras, Tommy Tallarico, Keith Arem

Motion Video

Film Excerpt SelectionJohn Alvarado, Rebecca Allen, David Adams
Editing of Film and Green ScreenDavid Adams
Post Production Sound Design and FXKeith Arem
Final Audio Mixing for Motion VideoKeith Arem
Video CompositingDavid Adams, Remo Balcells
Digital Image Touch Up for Motion VideoBarry J. S. Pringle
Digital Image Processing Tools Programming for Motion VideoRonald Mar, Tony Khorouzan, Stephen Clarke-Willson
Digital Image Processing OperatorsRonald Mar, David Adams, Steve Heimstra
Image Compression Design and ProgrammingRonald Mar, John Alvarado

Green Screen

Green Screen Video CastSylvester Stallone, Wesley Trent Snipes, Mark DeAlessandro, Jeff Ward, Jesse Ventura, Sage Stallone, Nick Camerota, Mitch Feldman, Kevin Toft, Paul Walker, Craig Warmsley, Willis Wong
Green Screen Video DirectionMark Yamada, Rebecca Allen, John Alvarado, Robb Hart
Green Screen Video CoordinationTommy Tallarico, Robb Hart, Rebecca Allen
Green Screen Video Fight ChoreographyJohn Alvarado, Brandon Humphreys
Green Screen Video Production StudiosMid‑Metro Productions, Bexel‑Corp


Executive ProducerNeil Young
Creative Director/Supervising ProducerRebecca Allen
ProducerBarry Pringle Sr.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Group HeadPaul Moore
ManagerDavid Maxey
LeadMitch Feldman
Second LeadNick Camerota, Chris Nelsen, Jim Getz, Victor Rodriguez, Chris Rausch, Bijan Shaheer

Special Thanks

System SupportJeff Wagoner, Joey Sanchez, Judy Leon
Special ThanksGregg Tavares, Greg Marquez, Bill Besanceney, Steven S. Henifin, Silas S. Warner, John Botti, Diana Alvarado, Bill Guschwan, Nat Brown, Elizabeth Olson, David Bishop, Michelle Cooper, Christine DiDonato, Bill Schrank, Joanne Lamoureux
Very Special ThanksJoel Silver, Jackie George, Dan Cracchiolo, Brian Witten, Luana Chambers, Holly J. Stein, Rhonda DeVictor

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