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Doctor Hauzer Screenshots (3DO)

User Screenshots

3DO version

The Title Screen.
The Main Menu.
The opening FMV shows our hero entering the mansion.
The graphics look stunning for a game released in 1994. Unlike Alone In The Dark, this game is fully 3D. But the 3DO's CPU can barely handle the graphics so the game runs at a very low framerate.
Entering the mansion.
I almost fell into the first trap.
How to play the game.
My inventory. I can use the notebook to save my game.
Saving my game.
The game allows you to switch to a top-down view to speed it up a bit.
Or, you can enter first person view and enjoy the scenery.
There are no enemies in this game apart from the final boss, but there are a lot of traps hidden everywhere.
Here's the second trap. Enter the wrong door and you'll fall down a pit and die.