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Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins Credits (3DO)

Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins 3DO Title screen


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Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins Credits


Directed byFabrice Bernard
Game DesignFrançois Marcela Froideval, Johan K. Robson, Fabrice Bernard
ProgrammingFabrice Bernard
Story Board and Model SheetsJean-Luc Sala, Olivier Ledroit
Characters AnimationPhilippe Nouhra, Rachid Mekhaouri
Cinematic Scene AnimationYvon Trevien, David Hego
Background and Set DesignDavid Hego, Claudine Roussard Vignes, Yvon Trevien, Sandrine Houallet
Box and Map DesignJean-Luc Sala
MusicStéphane Picq
Sound EffectsStéphane Picq
Produced byDavid Locke (US), Simon Harris (UK)

U.S. Team

DocumentationSteve Perrin, Anne O'Brien, Leanne York
PackagingKaren Fein, Leanne York
Lead Testing AnaylstChris Gaffield
Additional TestingEric Schumacher, Andy Sawicki, Ken Pinckert, Ron Baldwin, Greg Dawson, Buck Irving, Scott Van Schoick

U.K. Team

Lead TesterMia Garside
Additional TestingNeil Soane, Mark Machin, Darren Chapman, Andre Russell, Adrian Wood-Jones, Steve Whittle, Clive Fort
Product ManagerKarl Fitzhugh
DocumentationKarl Fitzhugh, Bill Duncan, Fiona Todd, Lisa Quinones
PackagingKarl Fitzhugh, Bill Duncan, Fiona Todd, Lisa Quinones

Special Thanks

Special ThanksSpencer Crossley, Jim Fisher, Clive Fort, Bob Goldberg, David P. Grenewetzki, Geoff Heath, Lisa Irving, Claudine Joris, Gordon Landies, Scot Lane, Jean-Martial Lefranc, Dave Lawrence, Robert Lloyd, Jim Mackonochie, Mike O'Donnell, Juliet Pitt, Lee Singleton, Mindscape Technical Support Team

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