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Gex Credits

64 people (51 developers, 13 thanks)


GEX ConceptLyle J. Hall
GEX Core TeamGregg Tavares (G-Man), Justin Norr, Mira F. Ross, Lyle J. Hall
Lead ProgrammerGregg Tavares (G-Man)
Bosses & AI SystemsDaniel Chan
BLT, Maps & Glue ScreensMei-yu Li
Stunt CodingTroy D. Gillette
Lead ArtistMira F. Ross
GEX & Rez Character Design & 3D ModelsSteve Kongsle
GEX Character AnimationSteve Kongsle
Stunt AnimatorSteve M. Suhy
Boss AnimationShawn McLean
Enemy Character Design & AnimationSilicon Knights
Map Screens & Jungle World BackgroundsKirk Henderson
Lead DesignerJustin Norr
DesignersJ. Epps, Evan Wells, Richard Lemarchand
AI ScriptingSusan Michele, Jeremy Bredow, Adrianne M. Canfil
Music Composer & ProducerWebtone Productions
Sound FXGreg Weber, Steven S. Henifin
Intro & Outro 3D AnimationWindlight Studio, Mira F. Ross, Steve Kongsle, Lyle J. Hall, Scott A. Steinberg
ProducerLyle J. Hall
WriterRobert Cohen
GEX VoiceDana Gould
GEX WriterDana Gould
Marketing DirectorScott A. Steinberg
Additional DesignNoah Hughes
Additional ArtJean Z. Xiong
Tool SupportSean Vikoren, IGOT
Video CompressionDan Brazelton
Test ManagerBen Szymkowiak
Lead TesterSteve Groll
TestersDusty Bedford, Seth Carus, Phillip Chou, Chris Colon, Riley Cooper, Charles Geiwitz, Egan Hirvela, Tim Jordan, Scott Matt, Lawrence Monji, Alex Ness, Richard Niedzwiecki, Kurt Tindle, Jeff Todd, Gerald Vera, Mark Ybarra
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw
Special Thanks toJuan Ruiz, E. Daniel Arey, Madeline Canepa, Jon Horsley, Ted Fitzgerald, Chang F. Fadel, Dan Dorosin, Jennifer Bulka, Alan Chaplin, Denis Dyack, Susan Bowman, Robert K. Dyer, Chip Blundell
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Credits for this game were contributed by karttu (5109), Jeanne (76265) and formercontrib (158176)