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atari kombinera
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Game Players (Jul, 1995)
Basically, the game is all atmosphere and very little substance. If you want something fast-paced and challenging, look somewhere else, but for one really strange ride, don't look any farther.
GamePro (US) (Apr, 1995)
Iron Angel is a moody, pseudodramatic Japanese tale that looks great in concept but fails in actual gameplay. You could say that this one was Doomed from the beginning.
Fusion (Aug, 1995)
Iron Angel is a worthwhile and challenging first-person, virtual-reality game with a surprising plot and interesting logical puzzles included. But for those looking for a full-motion video movie game, this isn't it by a long shot.
If trying to say the name of this game to your friend's doesn't drive you nuts, the game likely will. The movement is agonizingly slow and choppy. This seems strange as there are many other first person perspective games with perfect scrolling. If you're into involving story lines, Iron Angel of the Apocalypse has a lot to offer, but without great control you're left with a standard game. As a wise man once said "Try before you buy".
3DO Magazine (UK) (Feb, 1995)
A bizarre, Japanese Doom variant, this titillates with its fantastic FMV intro, only to implode with a poorly programmed, dingy exploration game. A real wasted opportunity.
Of all the audacity, Synergy actually released a sequel. To call it a bit better isn't saying much compared to this. Also, whoever designed the box wasn't too bright, not only blatantly lying about the sound, but also putting the companies phone number on the back. Setting yourself up for hate mail is one thing; opening yourself up after producing a game like this is flat out stupid.
I didn't see the beta version of this and only had Rad's preview to go on, and from that I thought it sounded quite good. Since then I have experienced the bitter taste of disappointment while Rad has experienced the bloody taste of my fist. 'This', to quote Beavis, 'sucks'. It's slow, unimaginative, unplayable and, in a nutshell, a bag of crappy old pants. If you're after a 3D exploro-blast, go for SSI's Slayer. It's not fantastic but a ringworm hamburger is preferable to a couple of hours sat in front of a 3DO playing this.

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