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Jurassic Park Interactive 3DO Title screen


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Consoles Plus (Jul, 1994)
Bref, si vous avez envie d'un jeu nouveau faisant tantôt appel à votre réflexion, tantôt à vos réflexes et si, de surcroît, vous êtes un amateur du film, vous apprécierez.
Jurassic Park was a cool film and the 3DO game is a great rendition. There are plenty of cool scenes from the film as well as new full-motion footage. Very cool! I don't think I have to say how great the graphics and music are. Hey! It's a 3DO game!
Oldies Rising (Oct 09, 2008)
On s'attendait a une énième adaptation de film foireuse et au final on se retrouve avec un des plus beaux jeux de la 3do avec une ambiance beaucoup plus sombre et angoissante que le film de Spielberg. Certes les phases de jeux sont trop peu nombreuses à mon goût, j'aurai bien vu deux ou trois séquences différentes de plus, mais compte tenu de l'âge du jeu et les capacités de la 3do, on ne pouvait être que satisfait en achetant ce jeu en 1994.
GamePro (US) (Jul, 1994)
Great sound, great graphics...great game? Not really. Jurassic Park Interactive for 3DO has teeth - but not very big ones.
While there are some interesting sub-levels to tackle and the basic gist of Jurassic Park is sound, the whole thing's badly implemented. It doesn't feel like you're playing a game, more a compilation of titles which don't hang together well. The best part has to be the Doom/Alien v Predator against the Velociraptors, but even that gets dull because there's so little to do. A great idea, it just just hasn't come off. Stick to the movie - you see more dinosaurs.
So, if this sounds like fun to you, by all means, track down a copy of Jurassic Park. If someone charges you an arm and a leg for it, don't pick it up. You can surely find it cheaper elsewhere and paying full price for some classic arcade rehashes and decent 3D games will soon leave you feeling ripped off!
Defunct Games (Jun 11, 2006)
All in all, the atmosphere of the film remains intact, attaining the status of an interactive movie. Of course, this is a sub-par version of the ground breaking Steven Spielberg film. It's interesting to see what UIS was able to do with this license, but in the end there isn't much interactivity in Jurassic Park Interactive. The sense of immersion then is what is truly commendable about Jurassic Park Interactive. It's sort of a digital leaflet of what the film was. If you are a fan of the film you will most likely be a fan of the flawed, but entertaining game.
Lange Rede kurzer Sinn: Die Dino-Insel ist 'ne ganze Ecke heißer als das Dino-Game.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 18, 2002)
Overall Jurassic Park has nice graphics and sound, but the hodge-podge design is just bizarre.
Génération 4 (Oct, 1994)
Si ce jeu contient une infime parcelle d'idée, elle est encore à l'état d'embryon !
Entertainment Weekly (May 20, 1994)
The bad news is the new CD game Jurassic Park Interactive (Universal Interactive Studios, 3DO) turns out to be one giant slab of prehistoric cheese. Yes, the technology is impressive: 3DO features live- action footage from the film as well as new shots of some characters (none played by actors from the movie). And the premise is sound: From your station in the Jurassic Park control room, you have to lead island guests and staff through three reptilian perils-mazes filled with vicious raptors, shooting galleries populated by spitters, and headlong drives in an Explorer away from pursuing Tyrannosaurus rex. The execution, however, is a disaster-a telling example of why synergy involves more than throwing disparate elements together.

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