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The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes Credits


Software DesignMythos Software
ProgrammingJeff Miller
Game Design and DevelopmentR. J. Berg, Mythos Software
Original StoryEric Lindstrom, Mythos Software
ProducerRoland Kippenhan III
Associate ProducerJeff Lee
Assistant ProducerJeff Glazier, Steve Imes
Graphic Design & AnimationMythos Software
Video Post ProductionMichael Sweeney, Jeni Day, Eric Kornblum, Jerry Newton, Mark W. Day (Mark Day)
Under the musical direction of, responsible for composition, orchestration, arranging, and mixingRob Hubbard
Dialogue EditingMarc Parly
Sound EffectsMarc Parly
Additional SoundJames M. Ferguson (James Ferguson)
Technical DirectionTim Brengle, Keith McCurdy, Bart J. Besseling, Colin McLaughlan (Colin McLaughlin)
Product ManagerRick Lucas
Package DesignZimmerman Crowe Design
3DO VersionCorey Higgins
Package IllustrationJohn Jinks
Package Art DirectionNancy L. Fong
DocumentationValerie E. Hanscom (Valerie Hanscom), Michael Humes
Documentation LayoutBrian Conery
Testing ManagerAlan Roireau (Al Roireau)
Product TestingSteve Imes, Aaron McClay, Norman Basch
Quality AssuranceWalter Ianneo (Walt Ianneo)
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson created byArthur Conan Doyle (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
Use of the Sherlock Holmes characters by arrangement withJean Conan Doyle (Dame Jean Conan Doyle)

Burbank Crew - Video Shoot

Associate ProducerMonique Blanke
DirectorChristopher Erhardt
ScreenwriterR. J. Berg
Assistant DirectorJack Nietzsche
Director of PhotographyLarry Johnson
Video EditingUpstream Video & Film
LightingJ & L Services, Inc.
SoundDavid Eaton Productions
TeleprompterVI Communications
Production AssistantChristopher Fredericks
Stage RentalBexel Corporation, Kolbeco Productions
CateringLe Fleures de Julianne
CostumesMaurizio Bizzari, Janet Sobel, Palace Costume, Western Costume Co.
MakeupBurman Studios, Inc., L. A. Robson
Hair StylistLinle White


Sherlock HolmesDavid Ian Davies
Dr. WatsonLaurie Maine
Alfred, Tobacco ShopSean Branney
Jacob Farthington, Shouting DrunkJ. P. Burns
Richard, Chemist's AssistantPaul Conway
GuardArthur Coram
Constable LewisThomas Crawford
Paul BrumwellSimon David
HollingstonPete Dawson
Sheila ParkerBeverly de Liege
Staggering DrunkRoger Doyle
Augie the Apple Seller, BartenderPaul Elder
Mrs. BealeMary Fabricant
Robert HuntPat Fitzpatrick
Nobby, Rough Looking PlayerAlex Glas
Sgt. Jeremy DuncanBill Hargreaves
Reggie SnipesDavid Hart
BelleKatherine Henryk
Tim the WaterboyBrandon Home
Rugby Player, SpectatorNick Jameson
Antonio CarusoAndrew Brye Johnson
Lesley the Flower GirlDiana Judd
PettigrewRoger La Page
James SandersNick Meany
WigginsCorey Miller
Ladv BrummelChristel Montgomery
Usher #2Ashley Nunn
VioletLesley O'Grady
Henry CarruthersDan Olderman
ChemistNathan Oventhal (Nathan Oventhall)
Dirty DrunkGary Piquer
Coroner, CoachAnthony Russell
Simon KingsleyPeter Samuel
Constable DuganMichael J. Savage
BouncerAlexander Scott
LarsRod Squires
Usher #1Burr Steers
BarmanG.W. Stevens
Mrs. WorthingtonJeanne Sylvester
Nigel JaimesonClement Von Franckenstein

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trypticon (11038)