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Lucienne's Quest Screenshots (3DO)

User Screenshots

3DO version

An intro shot. The FMV intro on 3DO is short and extremely generic.
Instead of Saturn's colorful anime beginning 3DO opts for a more subtle real-time introduction.
Here's Ado in his human form.
...and Miminaga
...and Kaneyung
...and ever-scary Beomelder
Yes, yes, we know.
Title screen.
A very no-frills main menu.
Ado comes to seek a great magician who can lift his wolfy curse.
While the 3DO game lacks the presentation of Saturn version, it features some surprisingly detailed textures, like that book-case.
Lucienne's Quest runs in a window with a thick black border. The frame rate is also kind of low.
...But it has pretty alpha-blended clouds!
A battle menu.
Attacking some slimes.
Walking around some very low-res town.
A village inn.
The time of day gradually changes.
Attacked by some very crappy-looking wolves. There is no animation for enemies.
Lucienne firing off a spell. Note the great alpha-blending effect.
At night Ado becomes stronger.. and wolfier.
Game status screen.
Another status screen. This time for Ado.
Walking around the mole village.