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Mazer Screenshots (3DO)

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Jumbled CG scenes make up the intro.
Each level has you destroy this tower to summon the boss.
Meanwhile, rescue all the humans in stasis you can.
Level select
Each level gets a still intro.
Four characters to choose from. Here, the soldier blasts away.
The female vixen takes on a boss.
End of level stats.
The camera zooms in and out as needed.
Fighting as the samurai character.
Beating the hell out of this level's energy tower.
Avoiding the angry locals.
Using the sprint key leaves a trail behind your character.
The camera starts high for each new level, showing the lay of the land.
Hold down C for a limited-charge energy shield.
Splat. Dead.
Hop across platforms and grab powerups in bonus levels.
Cowboy character with his laser whip.
Hit while trying to rescue some captives.