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Off-World Interceptor Credits

55 people (46 developers, 9 thanks)

Team Orion

Lead ProgrammerGreg Marquez
ProgrammersLloyd Pique, Brian Brandt, Gary Herman
Lead ArtistSuzanne Dougherty
ArtistDavid Pounders
Lead DesignerJay Minn
DesignersJeronimo Barrera, Noah Hughes
ProducerBill Mitchell

Everybody Else

Product ManagerJim Curry
Design ConceptJon Horsley, E. Daniel Arey
Tile ArtMaj Cole, Kevin Miller
Additional ArtJuan Ruiz, Noah Hughes, Andy Mitchell
Additional ProgrammingTroy D. Gillette
Additional DesignJeremy Bredow
StoryboardsJuan Ruiz, Andy Mitchell, Vincent Castillo
Music CompositionsBurke Trieschmann
Additional CompositionSteven S. Henifin
Sound EffectsSteven S. Henifin
Manual WriterCarol Ann Hanshaw
Tools DevelopersDavid Kirk, Sean Vikoren
Lead Product TesterJoe Ganis
TestersWesley Gittens, Erik Griss, Jarisse Asao, Steve Groll, Tim Jordan, Mike Devincenzi, Egan Hirvela, Seth Carus, Mark Ybarra, Richard Niedzwiecki, Dusty Bedford, Phillip Chou, Riley Cooper, Alex Ness

Video Unit

Couch Potato SilhouettesJoe Ganis, Mark Ybarra
WriterRick Weaver
CastingLynne Weaver
CompressionDan Brazelton
Directed byPhil Scarpaci
Produced byRobert Weaver

Crystal Dynamics Production Services

Crystal Dynamics Production ServicesJennifer Bulka

Special Thanks To

Special ThanksEric Lindstrom, Fred Ford, Sheri Cohen, Caroline Esmurdoc, Bill Willis, Rebekah Ramos, Honey Udarbe, Red Boy Pizza, The Juice Club

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Carol Ann Hanshaw, 105 other games
Jon Horsley, 60 other games
Steve Groll, 50 other games
Burke Trieschmann, 41 other games
Jeronimo Barrera, 35 other games
Noah Hughes, 29 other games
Alex Ness, 28 other games
E. Daniel Arey, 26 other games
Fred Ford, 26 other games
Tim Jordan, 25 other games
Jim Curry, 24 other games
Jeremy Bredow, 24 other games
Greg Marquez, 23 other games
Steven S. Henifin, 22 other games
Eric Lindstrom, 22 other games
Egan Hirvela, 20 other games
Robert Weaver, 20 other games
Caroline Esmurdoc, 18 other games
Riley Cooper, 16 other games
Bill Willis, 15 other games
Vincent Castillo, 15 other games
Brian Brandt, 14 other games
Wesley Gittens, 14 other games
Jay Minn, 13 other games
Sean Vikoren, 11 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Brian Decker (99)