Plumbers Don't Wear Ties Credits


Produced byMichael Anderson
Directed byMichael Anderson
Written byMichael Anderson
StarringJeanne Basone (Jane), Paul Bokor (Thresher), Edward J. Foster (John), Harry Armis (Narrator), Thyra Metz (Fiction Highjacker), Samantha Eggersoll (Thresher's Date), Violetta Gevorkian (John's Mother), Danny Beyda, Giovanni Cuarez, Grant Swanson, Daniel Taylor, Soumaya Young
Stock Car Instrumental byTriple XXX
Music Scored byMartin Golnick
Computer Programming byJohn Crane
Programming byMichael Chang, Jason Chen, Tun Huang
ArtistsTheodore Serafica, Albert Truong, Andrew Webster
Photography byFrank Petrelli
The following individuals made special contributions to the productionSam Abbott, Daniel Chun, John Eisenreich, Robert Galloway, Andrew Gale, Paul Levine, Cara Mattison, Grant Mauk, Tomas Mendoza, Al Olea, Thomas Roch, Georg Shandi
Special thanks toRay Wilkings (of Saugus Speedway)

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