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Written by  :  Chris Jeremic (160)
Written on  :  Nov 29, 2010
Platform  :  3DO
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Is this a game?

The Good

Honestly there was nothing to really like, not even simple things like the title screen where the slightest bit enjoyable.

The Bad

The game begins with a nice full motion video of "Jane" talking about the objective of the game, from this you initially expect the game to be in video. You begin the game and suddenly that decides to stop! You know have what is essentially a slideshow of random images, put through messed up filters, a few with a Panda driving a go cart (What?), and even sometimes the floating head of said Panda.

You continue through the game and make choices from a small list and the best choices give you points, while the worst choices use up your chances. If you fail, I don't know, 3 times then the game makes you beg for another turn! It's truly humiliating! Who would beg for another turn at something like this, I mean, it's not even a game, its purely a slideshow! The only "Interactive" part of this thing is the menus and even then you do not have much at all to do! You just select what you want, and there. You have played, no, watched "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties". Good job!

The Bottom Line

A Slideshow, that's all it is! A retail slideshow with a story written by someone who obviously watches too many bad sitcoms, terribly arranged and filtered by a colour blind five year old.

Even if you have a huge 3DO collection, i would stay far far away from this game, there are plenty other enjoyable games like Gex, and an actual GOOD full motion video game Wing Commander, go spend time playing those instead of wasting your life with this.