Robinson's Requiem Screenshots (3DO)

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3DO version

Title screen
Getting the mission brief through FMV.
Ship malfunctions.
Main menu
On the planet, taking our jacket off.
Main panel.
Overhead map screen.
Looks like we've landed in a hazy jungle.
You can look up and down, and pick up things on the ground.
Ah! A fellow refugee.
One-sided FMV conversation. He doesn't look to good.
Crap. He's gone all Teen Wolf on us.
We're wolfman's dinner. Time to try again.
The 3DO port uses a different, sharper 3D engine than the computer versions.
Found part of the ship wreckage. Time to salvage.
The 3DO port is limited in its draw distance. But, hey, look at all these neat meds we found!