Star Control II Credits


Original Programming & TechnologyFred Ford
Game Design & FictionPaul Reiche III
3DO Programming Ken Ford, Fred Ford, Brad Van Tighem
ProducerMark Wallace
3DO Production Paul Reiche III, Richard Antaki
Starring the voices ofRichard Antaki (as Thraddash), Alex Bennett (as Starbase Commander), Rich Betz (as Ariloulaleelay and Druuge), Roy Blumenfeld (as Zoq-Fot-Pik), David Bryce (as Kohr-Ah; Ilwrath; Shofixti and Spathi), Lauren Forcella (as Supox), Greg Johnson (as Orz; Pkunk and Utwig), Bryce Leyland (as Yehat), Erol Otus (as Chmmr), Paul Reiche III (as Mycon; Talking Pet; Victory Sequence), Brad Van Tighem (as Slylandro Speaker), Madeleine Wild (as Zoq-Fot-Pik; Syreen and VUX), Larry Zee (as Umgah; Melnorme and Ur-Quan),     840-AV [as Slylandro Probe], Paul Reiche II (as Victory Sequence), Arianna Reiche (as Victory Sequence), Devin Reiche (as Victory Sequence)
Voice Effects Jeff Forehan, Burke Trieschmann, Mark Miller
Voice Editing Richard Antaki, Paul Reiche III, Burke Trieschmann, Steven S. Henifin, Jeremy Bredow, Erik Griss, Brad Van Tighem
Art and Animation George Barr, Paul Reiche III, Erol Otus, Greg Johnson, Kyle Balda, Jeff Rianda, Taunya Gren, Leonard Robel, Gregory D. Hammond, Armand Cabrera,     Silicon Knights
Additional Writing Greg Johnson, Mat Genser, Robert Leyland, Iain McCaig, Tomi Quintana, Erol Otus, Leonard Robel, John Estes
MusicBurke Trieschmann, Dan Nicholson, Riku Nuottajärvi, Eric Berge, Erol Otus, Marc Brown, Aaron J. Grier, Kevin Palivec, Tommy V. Dunbar
3D Cinemagraphics Gene Bodio, Phil LeMarbre
TrueMotion "S" Video Compression byThe Duck Corporation
Product Marketing Manager Jim Curry
3DO Testers Susan Michele, Jeremy Bredow, Wesley Gittens (as Wes Gittens), Ty Johnson, Tate Schieferle, Caroline Esmurdoc (as Carolina Esmurdoc), Rob Johnson, Kevin Kwan, Joe Ganis, Chang F. Fadel, Erik Griss, Eugene Law, Mark Ybarra, Steve Groll, Tim Jordan, Matthew Young
Special thanks toGreg Johnson, John Ratcliffe
Paul's FoundationLaurie Reiche, Devin Reiche, Arianna Reiche
Got us 86'ed out of a restaurant in Las VegasMadeline Canepa (we love her anyway )

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (45362)