Syndicate Credits

Bullfrog Staff

ProducerMark Webley
3DO VersionMatt Sullivan
Original VersionSean Cooper
3DO ArtworkEoin Rogan, Darren Thomas
Original ArtworkPaul McLaughlin, Chris Hill
Level DesignAlex Trowers, Mark Lamport, Glenn Corpes
MusicRussell Shaw
Sound‑FXRussell Shaw
TestingAndrew Cakebread, Vince Farquharson, Andy Robson
ManagementPeter Molyneux, Les Edgar
PRCathy Campos
MarketingSean Ratcliffe
Technical SupportKevin Donkin, Alan Wright, Guy Simmons
SupportKathy McEntee, David Byrne, Sue Mumford, Jo Goodwin, Sian Jones, Dennis Alderton

Electronic Arts Staff

ProducerMatthew Webster
Assistant ProducerMichael Cooper
Product ManagerAnn Williams
Translations ManagerDominique Goy
DocumentationNeil Cook, Matthew Miles Griffiths
Documentation LayoutTom Peters
Test Group SupervisorGraham Harbour
Lead Product TesterMatt Price
TestersDarren Tuckey, Julian Glover, Darren King
Quality AssuranceGiuseppe D'Amaro, Paul Warner

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Andy Robson, 45 other games
Matthew Webster, 42 other games
Cathy Campos, 36 other games
Darren Tuckey, 34 other games
Neil Cook, 31 other games
Darren Thomas, 31 other games
Russell Shaw, 28 other games
Matthew Miles Griffiths, 28 other games
Glenn Corpes, 27 other games
Paul McLaughlin, 26 other games
Darren King, 26 other games
Kevin Donkin, 24 other games
Sean Cooper, 22 other games
Les Edgar, 22 other games
Mark Webley, 22 other games
Alex Trowers, 21 other games
Graham Harbour, 21 other games
Vince Farquharson, 21 other games
Andrew Cakebread, 21 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159455) and karttu (4739)