Total Eclipse Credits


Team OrionTroy D. Gillette, Eric Knopp, Daniel Colon Jr., Suzanne Dougherty, Jon Horsley
DesignEric Knopp, Troy D. Gillette, Daniel Colon Jr., Suzanne Dougherty, E. Daniel Arey, Jon Horsley
Additional DesignMark Cerny, Jay Minn, Justin Norr, Andy Trapani
ProducerJon Horsley
Product ManagerScott A. Steinberg
Computer EngineersTroy D. Gillette, Eric Knopp
Additional EngineeringBill Mitchell, Mark Cerny, Bill Willis
Audio EngineeringGreg Marquez
Graphic ArtistsDaniel Colon Jr., Suzanne Dougherty
Additional GraphicsPhil LeMarbre, Gene Bodio, Mira F. Ross, David Pounders, Michael Provenza, Adrian Bourne
StoryboardsJuan Ruiz, Adrian Bourne
CinematographyCyrus Lum, Daniel Colon Jr., Suzanne Dougherty
DialogE. Daniel Arey, Jon Horsley, Eric Lindstrom
Voice ActorsWill Southard (as Commander Orion), Danny Hartigan (as Ensign Hughes), Curtis T. Branon (as Lord Zodak)
Music Composed, Arranged & Produced byBurke Trieschmann
MusiciansJ. D. Reilly (Guitar & Keyboards), Eric Orme (Guitar), Dr. Loco ‑ Saxophone, Ron Stallings (Saxophone), Frank Martin (Keyboards)
Additional Keyboards, Guitars, Harp, Banjo, Drum Programming & Midi SequencingBurke Trieschmann
Song Engineering & MixingBurke Trieschmann
Mixed atSpark Production - Oakland California
Sound EffectsDoug Shannon
Tool EngineersDavid Kirk, Sean Vikoren, Noah Hughes
Additional ToolsRolf Berteig
Cinema Processing & SynchronizationNoah Hughes
FMV TechnicianLloyd Pique
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw
Quality AssuranceMark Ybarra, Jeremy Bredow, Michael Wu, Chang F. Fadel, Joe Willis, Eugene Law
Special ThanksRosalind Delligatti, Lory Brown, Judy Lange, Madeline Canepa, Mark Wallace, Lyle J. Hall, Steve Kongsle, David Morse, Neil Hanshaw

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Credits for this game were contributed by Brian Decker (100)