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atari breakout

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WOW!!! Total Eclipse is one serious ride! I am completely hooked on 32-bit and Total Eclipse is primarily responsible for my addiction. As good as Crash & Burn is, TE is better, with a 3D world (running at 24 frames per second) beyond belief and incredibly tough enemies that will challenge you to be at the peak of your shooting skills. Words and pictures can’t tell you how good this game’s tough, but the thrill of playing a game this good is worth the challenge.
Game Power (Mar, 1994)
TE è davvero uno spettacolo. Sul piano grafico e sonoro siamo al livello di un coin-op, la grafica massiccia scorre senza alcuna incertezza o rallentamento, aggiornandosi con continuità e fluidità, e le musiche rockeggianti sono davvero ben realizzate. La giocabilità è buona e i livelli sono davvero tanti, ma nel complesso non convince. Si ha infatti l'impressione di giocare con una demo, non ci sono opzioni, è lungo e difficile e non c'è traccia di password o salvataggi, le possibilità esplorative sono nulle e tutto il gioco sa di vecchio. I power-up, i cunicoli, sono tutte cose già viste in precedenza. Manca proprio di spessore e di personalità. Comunque sia il divertimento è tanto, ma non aspettatevi níente più di uno sparatutto. In fondo questi primi giochi devono mostrare le potenzialità della macchina e forse avrebbero fatto meglio a inserire TE nella confezione e a vendere Crash'n Burn, che senz'altro è un gioco più completo.
Was hier geboten wird, ist schlicht und ergreifend 3D-Baller-Action as its best. Da kommt kein PC, kein SNES und kein Mega-Drive-Game mehr mit. Etwas in dieser Perfektion und Rasanz gibt es zur Zeit nur auf dem 3DO zu sehen.
Megablast (Mar, 1994)
Das Spieling beschränkt sich damit natürlich auf die übliche Baller-Action, doch die Präsentation ist allemal herausragend: Die phantastische Polygon-Grafik ist mit schicken Texturen überzogen, aus den (hoffentlich guten) Boxen dröhnt digitaler Edelsound, und eine freie Buttonbelegung garantiert ein individuelles Steuerungserlebnis. Allerdings ist bei all der Pracht die Perspektive oft nur schwer abzuschätzen, weshalb Frontalkollisionen mit dem Gelände keine Seltenheit sind. Insgesamt also ein furioses Spektakel und ein würdiger Start ins 3DO-Zeitalter - obwohl Total Eclipse alleine noch nicht genug Kaufanreiz bieten dürfte, daß nun der große Run auf Trip Hawkins‘ CD-Konsole einsetzt...
3DO Magazine (UK) (Dec, 1994)
One of the first games to really show off the 3DO chipset, this demanding 3D blast-'em-up features a great rock soundtrack, masses of action and absolutely gorgeous texture mapped landscapes. It's an incredibly intense experience, but the lack of a save game on a huge, 20 level blaster can be irksome.
GamePro (US) (Mar, 1994)
This is a worthy first-time 3DO sci-fi battle. Space aces will get their planet-rocking, missile-locking fix and new 3DO owners can feel satisfied with their investment. Total Eclipse is totally cool!
Power Play (Mar, 1994)
So bietet Total Eclipse konzeptionell einige Innovationen, bleibt allerdings an einigen grundsätzlichen Spielelementen hängen. So ist zum Beispiel eine vernünftige Perspektive unabdingbar für ein 3-D-Spiel. In Total Eclipse scheint sich die Perspektive allerdings nicht mit der Steuerung zu vertragen. Sind wir optisch schon seit Sekunden an einem Berg vorbeigeflogen und pendeln nach rechts, krachen wir plötzlich mir nichts dir nichts in selbigen. Ebenso wird aus der Perspektive die derzeitige Flughöhe wenig ersichtlich, was besonders in den Tunnelsystemen zu unnötigen Bekanntschaften mit Decke und Boden führt. Hat man sich daran gewöhnt, weiß Total Eclipse allerdings gut zu motivieren.
Game Zero (Mar, 1995)
One of Crystal Dynamics best titles, but not without its faults. Graphics are very appealing, and play control is good. I don't like the poor collision counter on your ship when you are in the tunnels, but that's my only real complaint. Definately a game to check out.
Oldies Rising (Aug 06, 2008)
Un renouveau dans le shoot (attention je parle de l’année 1993 !) qui a réussi à convaincre les consommateurs un peu riches de l’époque (ou ceux qui ont revendu leur collec megadrive comme moi, glups) d’acheter la 3do. Si vous avez aimé Star Wars et les vols en rase motte de ses vaisseaux, l’univers SF et ses méchants alien envahisseurs ou tout simplement les shoots en général, ce jeu est à essayer absolument !
Edge (Mar, 1994)
It’s hard to criticise a game that looks and moves as well as this, but it’s the way it looks that matters. At the end of the day you don’t feel like you really ‘have’ to play Total Eclipse, instead you feel more compelled to have a session with it. It’s a definite move in the right direction for this system, and it further strengthens Crystal Dynamics as leaders in the 3DO market. But, as most of us are aware, this is no mean feat at the moment.
All in all, Total Eclipse is an interesting shooter that isn't quite like anything else out there. If you're a fan of the genre I'd suggest checking it out as it will definitely keep you busy and satisfied for weeks!
Video Games (Mar, 1995)
Spielerisch legt Total Eclipse durchschittliche Ballerqualitäten an den Tag. Bis alle Gegner abgeschossen und alle Levels durchgespielt sind, dauert es ein Weilchen. Wer auf Ballerspiele steht, darf beruhigt mal einen Blick darauf werfen ...
It's got pretty graphics and the texture-mapped levels look nice. OK, now that we've got the best part of the game out of the way, let's go into the annoying details. First, the cinemas, although cool looking, are extremely blocky. The music during each level doesn't fit the theme. The most aggravating part is hitting the walls, floors and ceilings when you know you're nowhere near them. This one is tough.
CD Player (1996)
Hektisches 3D-Ballerspiel mit rasanter Grafik. Etwas schlechter als "Shockwave".
The Video Game Critic (Sep 15, 2002)
The game has a few things going for it. The scenery isn't particularly detailed (just pixelated textures), but the framerate is smooth and I like how the enemies disintegrate when shot. By flying through rings, you can collect power-ups and amass some serious firepower. But Total Eclipse is not without its problems. I couldn't get the "roll" controls to work, and sometimes you inadvertently scrape against the side of a mountain that was out of view. It's hard to judge the position of your ship in the tunnels, and the background guitar music is marginal. The action gets repetitive, and the scenery all looks the same after a while. To be honest, there's not much substance here, just some 3D graphics that looked good in 1993.

atari breakout