Twisted: The Game Show Screenshots (3DO)

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3DO version

Title screen
Introducing the host, Twink.
The host introduces the contestants - this is 'Wormington', the car salesman.
Pick the contestant you want to control
Each player selects their question difficulty level
"Roll" the dice when it's your turn.
The playing contestant secretly picks a vertical row, and an opponent picks a horizontal. Where they meet selects the next minigame.
Roll a zero and get a fake, worthless prize.
In this game, quickly "zap" the commercial while leaving the show alone.
Slider puzzle game. Match three faces.
Multiple choice quiz minigame.
Between rounds are commercials for fake products.
As you move on the gameboard, you may land on the spinning wheel of Torture. Match three to escape.
Supermarket minigame. A quick clip is shown...
...pick the item that wasn't in the video.
Contestants are appropriately wacky, like "Mr. Fez"
Matching minigame.
The audience is made up of old black and white stock clips.
Each turn, the host shows where you are on the board.
Sorting puzzle. The video plays live while you move the pieces around.